Tim Tebow to have Skip Bayless toss him softballs at MLB tryout

LOS ANGELES — The final details are emerging for Tim Tebow’s baseball tryout in front of scouts from 20 Major League teams on Tuesday, the biggest being today’s announcement that sports pundit and unabashed Tebow supporter Skip Bayless will lob the former football player softballs during batting practice.

“I obviously want to be at my best in the tryout and Skip is someone who has always tried to put my athletic career in the best possible light,” Tebow said. “I haven’t seen live pitching since high school, but I am hitting .425 in my rec league slow pitch softball league. I know Skip will groove them right down the middle for me.”

Bayless said it will be an honor to pitch to “an athlete who I think might go down as the best hitter of all-time one day. I truly believe that. There will be a bidding war between the 20 teams that come to the tryout and the 10 franchises who aren’t coming chose to stay home because they know they can’t afford him.”

The new Fox Sports 1 personality also stressed that it was “interesting” which athlete is “not attempting a baseball career.”

“LeBron is scared to try another sport,” said Bayless. “We hear how great of an athlete he is all the time … well, let’s see it. Jordan played pro baseball. Where is the supposed King’s second career? LeBron can’t play AA baseball and he knows it.”

In a batting practice session today, Tebow showed great power but little accuracy. The vast majority of his blasts were quite foul and landed in the seats down both lines.

“I’m working with baseball swing specialist and I’m confident I’ll keep the ball in play very soon,” said the former quarterback, bunting a ball that landed in the dugout along the first baseline.