Tom Brady E-Mails Reveal Numerous LinkedIn Invitations from Joe Flacco

NEW YORK — More than 1,400 pages of Tom Brady’s e-mail from his Patriots account have been made public as part of the quarterback’s dispute with the NFL over his “DeflateGate” suspension. The e-mails give an insight on Brady’s day-to-day life, from ordering a pool cover to conversing with the mother of his first child. They also show dozens of LinkedIn invitations from Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

The LinkedIn requests are found over several years, a few a month, at seemingly random hours of the day. There is no record of Brady accepting the invitations. In fact, none of the e-mails are even opened. There is one e-mail exchange in which Brady writes to Flacco and asks him to stop sending him the LinkedIn e-mails. Flacco responds: “Hey, buddy. I’ll see what I can do. But you should really try LinkedIn. It’s great!” Brady then receives another LinkedIn request the very next day.

Flacco confirmed that that he is a member of LinkedIn.

“I really like it,” he said. “It allows you to stay in contact with other professionals. You know, like Facebook, but just with fellow colleagues.”

The Ravens quarterback said he is routinely in touch with Peyton Manning via LinkedIn.

“If I would ever need a job, Peyton would help me get interviews,” said Flacco. “It gives me a real advantage over quarterbacks who aren’t on LinkedIn. I don’t know why Tom wouldn’t accept my invitations.”

Brady’s e-mails also revealed numerous conspiracy-related e-mail forwards from Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

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