What Your Favorite NBA Playoff Team Says About You

You can learn a lot about a person when you know their favorite team.

Milwaukee Bucks

You’re planning to be all-in on this team as soon as Aaron Rodgers starts going to games.

Chicago Bulls

You don’t think Pau Gasol is nearly as ugly as you used to. In fact, you think there’s now a certain beauty to the horrid man-beast.

New Orleans Pelicans

You think the most beautiful Mardi Gras float would be Anthony Davis laying on a flatbed truck with his unibrow displaying its full plumage.

Golden State Warriors

Tickets for a Warriors game is the only reason you’d ever step foot in Oakland.

Boston Celtics

You’d normally give up on a losing team, but this losing team is in the playoffs. You are very confused.

Cleveland Cavaliers

You are from Cleveland or you were a Miami Heat diehard 10 months ago.

Washington Wizards

You’re hoping the Wizards lose in the playoffs quickly so Kevin Durant can see how much his hometown needs him.

Toronto Raptors

You worry people assume you like Drake.

Dallas Mavericks

The only way you could like Dirk Nowitzki more is if he played with a concealed handgun.

Houston Rockets

You laugh at Dwight Howard’s jokes.

Brooklyn Nets

You always assumed that being the hands-down best NBA team in New York City wouldn’t be quite so hopeless and depressing.

Atlanta Hawks

You kind of miss being able to rest your legs on the empty seat in front of you at Philips Arena.

Portland Trail Blazers

You want the Blazers to win, but you’re very concerned about the environmental impact of a championship parade.

Memphis Grizzlies

You listen to all of Justin Timberlake’s songs as ballads to Zach Randolph.

San Antonio Spurs

You have a great relationship with your grandparents, because the Spurs always remind you that old people are still valuable members of society.

Los Angeles Clippers

You prefer the Lakers’ old uniforms.

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