Yankees tell A-Rod that Team USA needs him to immediately report to Brazil for Olympic Baseball

NEW YORK — Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is on a flight to Rio after being told by general manager Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi that his nation needs him to help it win Olympic gold.

“He was really excited,” said Cashman. “Excited to be needed and wanted. He packed up his locker and was on the way to the airport not five minutes after we told him. I felt kind of bad, but it at least buys us a few days without him until he figures out that there is no baseball at the Olympics and comes back here.”

The 41-year old Rodriguez is in the midst of his worst season in the majors, hitting .204 with 9 home runs and just a .254 on-base percentage, and has only been given 7 at-bats in the last two weeks. Yankees management clearly wants him to retire and not return in 2017 for the $20 million he’s still owed on his contract. But until he quits, they’re stuck with him.

“If everything goes right, he may never come back from Brazil,” said Girardi. “We got him a one-way ticket and said that there would be signs when he landed directing him to Team USA’s baseball facility where the team will excitedly be waiting for him. Obviously, that isn’t going to happen. He’s going to have to rely on his charm and communication skills to survive and get home, and we all know that’s not his strong suit. Something bad could happen. I mean, I’m not rooting for that, but he should have just retired. It didn’t have to come to this.”

Rodriguez tweeted before boarding the plane that he was ready to get to Brazil:

“Yankees paying my way to Rio. There’s no Olympic baseball. I’m not an idiot. But a few shirtless days on Copacabana? Yes, please! #blessed”