Caught on Video: 76ers Jahlil Okafor punches out an alleged heckler

Jahlil Okafor

Heckled outside a Boston bar, the 76ers Jahlil Okafor, struck out — striking the heckler. Allegedly the man was talking smack about the 76ers horrible start to the season (0–17 at this point) when the #3 pick in the 2015 NBA draft struck out.

“People are just coming after me, heckling, making fun of me for losing. It’s something that I have known I’m in the spotlight.” Jahlil Okafor in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

It’s not the first time Okafor’s been heckled and maybe it influenced his reaction. In another incident, the fan pulled a gun.

For what it’s worth, the victim here filed a report with police telling a different story. He said that Okafur and a buddy were trying to get phone numbers from a couple of women in their group. When the women said no, an argument start and it got physical.

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