ESPN Bad Draft Coverage

What if the best night of your life was undermined by somebody saying something negative about you. Everything you worked for made into nothing. Well this weekend as I watch ESPN’s coverage of the NFL draft I feel this way. A couple of players have legal problems going on but why talk about it on the best night of these kids’ lives?

All weekend I’m getting ESPN updates about the players that are drafted but ESPN took it an extra step. The update would say “NFL Draft: Browns take Florida DT Caleb Brantley with №185 pick in 6th rd; charged April 21 with battery for allegedly punching a woman” or “NFL Draft: Cowboys select Michigan CB Jourdan Lewis with №92 pick in 3rd round; charged with misdemeanor domestic violence in March”. What does this extra information tell the viewer? Is this information necessary? Does the viewer even care?

These are personal charges that these two players have to deal with if they haven’t already dealt with it. Having been in this situation before where I was trying to land a job before I graduated but had a blemish on my record. So, I got with my lawyer and got the blemish taken care of before I had to be in front of a head at the company I was interviewing for. If asked about my blemish I was honest with the head of the company and told him, it wouldn’t happen again. I’m sure these guys have these situations in control and already taken care of.

The TV coverage was no better of these troubled players. This is the best night of their lives so why drill the television audience that they may not be on the field because of legal problems. At the end of the day the audience only wants to know if DT Caleb Brantley can get to Ben Roethlisberger for a quarterback sack. They want to know if Jourdan Lewis will be able to pick off Eli Manning on the first game of the season for the Dallas Cowboys. After the bad week that ESPN has had with job layoffs nobody wants to hear them cut players down on their Draft day.

No disrespect to Louis Riddick, Mel Kiper, and John Gruden I just don’t think dirty laundry needs to be aired out on Draft Day unless it is about field play. Off the field stuff is for the people drafting them to have to deal with. We have all been here an been in some kind of trouble. It’s all about what we do with the second chance that we are given.

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