Football player who punched a woman claims she started it, yelled racial slurs, kneed him in the privates. Court documents say differently.

The Florida State football player thrown of the team for punching a woman in a bar is telling his side of the story — at least his attorney is. De’Andre Johnson’s lawyer says his client is embarrassed and taking responsibility for his actions. But listening to the attorney talk, he certainly sounds like he’s saying read-between-the-lines and “blame the woman.”

He made a mistake,. He certainly wishes he walked away. — Johnson’s attorney Jose Baez to CNN.

In a statement, Jose Baez said the Johnson is participating in community service and faith-based focused on battered woman and substance abuse.


But he also said the woman started it.

“It is clear from the video that De’Andre Johnson as not the initial aggressor.”

Johnson is charged with battery after punching the woman. Florida State University first suspended Johnson the day after the incident, then threw him off the team when the video was released publically.

Claims Woman shouted Racial Slurs

Baez told NBC news that the woman had shouted racial slurs at Johnson when he accidently bumped into her. He also said that women kneed him in the groin and took a swing at him before he punched her. From the video, it’s hard to tell anything about the groin shot — but it doesn’t look like anything happened below the belt. The woman did throw her hand out at him before the punch.

Court Documents tell a different story

Court documents filed in affidavits tell a different version of the story than Johnson’s attorney.


The school President, John Thrasher, said he “had no tolerance for the kind of behavior exhibited in this case.”

Statement from #FSU president John Thrasher on decision to dismiss De’Andre Johnson.
— Tom D’Angelo (@tomdangelo44) July 7, 2015
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