From the Real MVP to NBA Villain

Durant is not the first superstar to do it yet it seemed to be so wrong at the time. Kevin Durant decided to take his talents to the Golden State Warriors this past summer and it seemed to leave a lot of people in a bitter state. Why is it so wrong though? The Los Angeles Lakers did it back in 2003 as they brought in Karl Malone and Gary Payton. The Boston Celtics did it in 2008 when Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen decided to join forces and nobody seem to care. LeBron later did it in 2010 as he decided to join forces with Cris Bosh and Dwayne Wade at the Miami Heat. Lebron’s decision was disappointing due to the fact that LeBron had promised the Cleveland Cavaliers a ring and it seemed like he had given up. All that being said, why is Durant’s case any different?

I believe Durant’s decision was way worse. Why do you ask? Well living in the 21st century social media is kind of a big deal and Kevin Durant is no stranger to it.

Back in 2009–2010, he made some remarks about how he really felt about these NBA super teams and those remarks make him look like the biggest hypocrite in the world right now. Not only that but let’s take a look at some facts about this big time decisions. The year before LeBron joined the Heat they were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs and LeBron was part of the best team of the East record wise. The year before Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen joined the Celtics they didn’t have a winning record. Now Durant, the year before he joined the Golden State Warriors he lost to them in a 7 game series. He went from Superstar status to an elite player with no legit word and no sense of pride. That’s the legacy Durantula is about to sign off on.

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