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Is James Harden Doing too Much?

Breaking The Glass
Dec 11, 2020 · 3 min read

Absolutely not. Some people may believe that some of James Harden‘s actions have been unprofessional. He showed up late to training camp with the preseason starting the week after.

Not only did he show up late, he also has been partying hard.

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All this is showing me is that he does not want to be in Houston. James Harden wants to be in a position to win a championship. In basketball to be placed amongst the greats you need to win championships.

Making the playoffs every year is fun and all, but after a while as an elite player you need that championship to separate you from your peers.

Harden is showing the Houston Rockets that he is fed up. As a team with a player of Harden’s caliber, it should be their top priority to surround Harden with a championship level team.

The Rockets haven’t done that.

He deserves a championship level team. Considering that Harden has made the playoffs in every season that he’s been in Houston, he’s won a plethora of individual awards, and that he has been overworked, the least the Rockets can do is give him a chance at a championship.

I remember a time when Harden had virtually no one at his side keeping the Rockets competitive and a top 3 seed in the very tough Western Conference.

James Harden has done more than enough to prove that he should be on a championship contending team, now it’s the Rockets turn to reward Harden for all of his hard work.

Before we judge Harden for his actions let’s try to look at the situation from his perspective. This man has been overworked putting up some of the greatest offensive performances that this generation has ever seen.

He’s played with a 6’5 Center for God’s sake, he’s consistently been an All-Star, has lead the Rockets to the playoffs every year in the West, and has an assortment of individual awards.

Harden isn’t asking for much, all he wants is a chance at a championship.

In an era of superteams, we haven’t seen Harden’s team come anywhere close talentwise to be deserving of that label.

All Harden wants to do is play for a contender. Is that too much to ask?

We should honestly commend Harden for being this patient with the Rockets. Who wouldn’t be frustrated in his situation.

Could he have been a bit more professional about the situation… probably. Could he have shown more sympathy for his teammates? Most likely.

I’m sure there was definitely a way to get his point across without ruffling as many feathers, but one should be able to understand Harden’s frustration.

It’s more important to focus on why James Harden is acting the way he is, rather than his actions.

If you were James Harden, wouldn’t you be fed up?

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