LeBron does something nobody has ever done before


LeBron’s NBA Finals performance was incredible. He led both teams in Points-per-Game, Assists-per-Game, and Rebounds-per-Games. That’s never happened before.

Here’s how much his team depending on him.

Without LeBron James on the floor this series. JR Smith 0/9 FG Delly 0/7 FG J. Jones 0/3 FG Shumpert 0/2 FG Total 0/21 FG
— Tom Haberstroh (@tomhaberstroh) June 17, 2015

When Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving went down with season-ending injuries, nobody thought the Cavaliers stood a chance in the NBA Finals. But they made a series out of it through a super-human effort by LeBron James. Up until the moments after the Warriors wrapped up the NBA title, there was still talk that LeBron should be the MVP of the series — even though his team lost. That’s happened only a handful of times in NBA history.

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