LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry — compare their stats in the NBA Finals


by Lauren Tobin on SportsRaid.com

When Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving went down with season-ending injuries, nobody thought the Cavaliers stood a chance in the NBA Finals. But they made a series out of it through a super-human effort by LeBron James. Up until the moments after the Warriors wrapped up the NBA title, there was still talk that LeBron should be the MVP of the series — even though his team lost. That’s happened only a handful of times in NBA history.

While the MVP title for the Finals went to Andre Igoudala, a player that hadn’t started a single game during the regular season, most of the series focused on the match-up of LeBron and regular season MVP Stephen Curry. So, how did their stat lines look after play ended?

Curry vs james

LeBron’s NBA Finals performance was incredible. He led both teams in Points-per-Game, Assists-per-Game, and Rebounds-per-Games. That’s never happened before. When he either took a shot or facilitated a shot, the team shot nearly 50%. When he wasn’t involved in a play, the team shot closer to 30%.

In fact, according to Elias Sports, when you look at 30 point triple-doubles in NBA Finals since 1955, here’s how it stacks up:
LeBron James: 3
Rest of the NBA: 3

How good was Curry? While he seemed to struggle at times early in the season, he came through when it mattered. His 10.8 Points-per-Fame in the 4th quarter of the Finals is the third best in the last 40 years.

Plus, he’s got the ring now.