NBA player traded 4 times in a week


The strange journey of Luke Ridnour: When you’ve got a non-guaranteed contract that expires on July 10th, you’re apparently a hot commodity in the NBA these days. His contract value of $2.75 million dollars can be used to clear cap space by trading for him, whether they keep him or not.

That’s why Ridnour was traded from Orlando to the Memphis Grizzlies… then to Charlotte… then to the Oklahoma City Thunder… and then to Toronto. Three of the trades happened in a 25 hour period.

“Who is: Luke Ridnour?” #JeopardySports
— Jeopardy! Sports (@JeopardySports) June 30, 2015

“It’s been pretty funny,” Ridnour told USA Today Sports. He never visited with any of the teams prior to the trades. “Do you feel unloved?” asked Rolling Stone? No,” he said laughing. “As my agent said, they’re trading your contract, not you.”

I just laughed about it and realized my contract is the reason I’m getting traded and how valuable my deal is for teams in free agency. — Luke Ridnour in USA Today

He could indeed be traded again. And then cut. Such is the life of Luke Ridnour right now.

As day 2 of #NBAFreeAgency winds up & if u feel your team is falling short — remember this guy is here 4 you #Ridnour — Will Reeve (@WillReeveJr) July 3, 2015
If an NBA team doesn’t trade Luke Ridnour within 7 days of acquiring him, their entire front office dies
— Luke Zimmermann (@lukezim) June 30, 2015
No but seriously, Luke #Ridnour has been traded more often than Pokemon tazzos! Not cool man, 4 teams in one week?! #NBAFreeAgency
— Tatenda Ziyambi (@Tatenda_Ziyambi) June 30, 2015
The Colorado Avalanche acquired the rights to forward Carl #Soderberg from the Boston Bruins on Thursday…….for Luke #Ridnour — (@sportsfeedia) June 25, 2015

Ridnour is a 12-year NBA veteran and he’d like to keep playing. But retirement is also a possibility if he doesn’t land somewhere that wants him. While his contract currently belongs to the Toronto Raptors, they just signed free agent DeMarre Carroll to a 4-year , $60 million dollar deal joining Kyle Lowrey and DeMar Rozen in the backcourt making Ridnour’s time in Toronto tenuous at best.

IMAGE: “Luke Ridnour” by Keith Allison from Owings Mills, USA — Luke Ridnour. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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