NJ Governor Chris Christie TRASHES Philly and their fans!

In case you’ve missed it, The New York Mets fans and media have taken umbrage over a recent modification the Phillies made to their Spring Training complex . They painted the hallway leading into the clubhouse at Spectrum Field :

This new artwork led to Mets fans and media taking offense, as “The Tugger” first used the motto “Ya Gotta Believe” as a member of the NY Mets during the 1973 World Series. When McGraw passed away in 2004, the Mets wore the slogan on their uniforms in his honor.

On December 3, 1974, the Mets traded McGraw and two other players to the Phillies for Mac Scarce, catcher John Stearns, and outfielder Del Unser.

Similar to a pr0-wrestler bringing his catchphrase with him when he switches organizations (Ric Flair — “Whooo” / “To Be The Man You’ve Got To Beat The Man”; “Ohhh Yeaaahh” — Randy Savage; “Get The Tables” — Dudley Boyz; “Have A Nice Day” — Mick Foley; “Whatcha Gonna Do” — Hulk Hogan) Tug McGraw brought his catchphrase with him to Philadelphia, which he used frequently and liberally during his time with the Phillies as a player, and as a member of the media upon his retirement.

Tug McGraw even put pictures of both teams on his best selling autobiography :

Now to quote Kirsten Swanson from Phillies Nation : “It doesn’t matter that McGraw actually pitched in the World Series he won with the Phillies, unlike in 1969 when the Mets decided not to play him in the World Series despite a 2.29 ERA in 100 innings that season and a scoreless showing in the ’69 NLCS. Or that he played longer for the Phillies than the Mets. Or that he lived here after his playing career, working as a reporter on Philly-favorite “Action News” and as spring training instructor for the Phillies.” You can read the entire piece here :

The Mets are so beholden to the slogan that they took both the Tug McGraw Foundation ( 2008–2011) and a Glendale, NY deli processing meat company (Hansel ‘N Gretal Brand Inc.) (2009–2010) to court over usage of the slogan. You can read the info here :

Currently, The Tug McGraw Foundation has a trademark on the slogan, filed in 2007 :

Tyler Kepner from the NY Times seems to agree with Kirsten Swanson :

“Even though McGraw made the words famous as a Met, the Phillies have a better claim to his legacy. McGraw pitched longer for the Phillies than he did for the Mets and made his home in the Philadelphia area, working at a local television station in the 1990s and serving as a spring instructor for the Phillies.

And while McGraw was a vital member of the 1969 Mets, he did not actually pitch in that World Series. In 1980, with the Phillies, he had a win and two saves against the Kansas City Royals, and struck out Willie Wilson for the final out.”

You can read the full piece here :

So it was Tug McGraw’s catchphrase, which he used during his lifetime, and both teams have a claim to it, since he pitched for both franchises; However, the Mets and their fans seem to be more up in arms about the Phillies use of it.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used this talking point and his appearance on SportsNet NY to trash Philadelphia and the Philly sports fans :

“The Phillies suck. Let’s just start with that. They’re from Philadelphia, they’re an awful team, they’re an angry bitter fan base, and it’s not safe for civilized people to go to Citizens Bank Park if you want to root for the other team. Ya Gotta Believe What? Ya Gotta Believe we’re awful people.”

Another of the panelists chimed in :

“I started my beat writing career covering the Phillies for the Philadelphia Inquirer. I found that readership to be so ill-informed and bitter and angry…So to have to have so much time defining yourself against New York and against the Mets and being bitter angry Philly people, and then to try to appropriate that is pathetic.”

You can view the entire segment here :

Let Jay retort :

  1. It wasn’t the Phillies organization taking The charitable Tug McGraw Foundation as well as a Deli Meat company to court over use of the catchphrase — that was the Mets spending their fans dollars to litigate. Good use of resources — instead of signing a free agent or re-signing your own player(s) when the team was crying poverty, they were going to court over a slogan.
  2. Yes, the Phillies are probably not going to contend for a playoff spot this season, and yes, the Mets most likely are going to. That being said, they will be far from an awful team. Most likely, they will be around .500 as the rebuild continues forward.
  3. Angry, bitter fan base? It was not the Phillies or their fan base that appears to be hurt over the use of the slogan — that has been started by the Mets, their fans, and their media. If anything, the Philadelphia fan base is overly passionate about their teams, which can be expressed both positively and negatively, depending on the talking point. How is the New York fan base currently feeling about Knicks owner James Dolan? Are they currently angered and bitter about the Charles Oakley debacle? Philly fans are the same way — passionate about their team(s).
  4. Philly readership ill — informed? I would say that the Philly fan base studies their teams diligently, and calls out teams, ownership, and players when necessary. Each person has their own opinion on teams and transactions, so there will not be 100% agreement, but those opinions come from being educated about the transaction and a familiarization with the team.
  5. Not safe at Citizens Bank Park if you are rooting for the other team? As a season-ticket holder, I can assure you that amongst the empty seats at Citizens Bank Park last season, there were quite a few fans rooting for the Phillies opposition on a given night. Some nights, it was 50–50, even others the plurality was rooting for the road team. That is not what Phillies or their faithful want to see, but that will happen when the home team is rebuilding, and is not in contention for the post-season. Citizens Bank Park is just as safe if not safer then other parks (Fan shot outside of AT & Park, Ravens and Giants fans fight at MetLife). Just as in other parks, if a fan enters wearing opposition “colors” they do so at their own risk of getting boo’ed if they root for their team excessively. But as long as they are well mannered, there should not be any issues — the same as in every other park.

As for the Phillies ?

Let the rivalry continue …..

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