Player protests are #1 reason NFL viewing is down this year

NFL viewing this year is down about 12% season-to-date. League officials, wanting to find out why, may want to take a look at a new Seaton Hall poll.

While people cited the distraction of the Presidential races as one reason (Two debates were scheduled up against prime time games), you can put the blame on Colin Kaepernick and the protest.

The #1 reason for not watching? Players not standing for the national anthem.

  • 56% Players not standing for the National Anthem
  • 50% Presidential campaign
  • 47% Handling of Domestic Violence cases involving players
  • 44% Market saturation (Games on too many days)
  • 39% Increased interest in baseball playoffs (Cubs?)
  • 33% Head injury/concussion controversy
  • 33% Decline in quality on field

On domestic violence rulings, it wasn’t just woman that pointed to that as the reason for declining viewing. In fact, of those that answered domestic violence, 47% were men and 46% were women.

“It is somewhat remarkable that the impact of the national anthem protest seems to hold, given that the action occurs pre-game and isn’t even televised,” — Rick Gentile, Director, Seaton Hall poll

841 people were included in the nationwide poll. They were given the above 7 reasons and asked to picked one — so a forced response.

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