The Most Underwhelming Team In The NBA

This team is like magicians, the way they disappear every year with nobody’s recollection. Yes, I’m talking to you Los Angeles Clippers.

The last match-up between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers was a perfect representation of their franchise. Going into the second quarter, Warriors had a 7-point lead at home. However, Clippers outscored the Warriors 37–18 in the 2nd quarter, giving themselves a 12-point lead going into the half. They lead by as much as 16 points, and this was without Chris Paul.

Just when we thought the Clippers may actually live up to their potential, they made their appearance in the 3rd quarter. The Clippers gave up a 50-point 3rd quarter to the Warriors. 50! The Clippers fell short in the end, losing to the Warriors by 10.

Isn’t this how it goes every year for the Clippers? Typically they have a decent start almost every season, but as the playoffs roll around they disappear mysteriously. They have three all-stars on their team, and yet they cannot win when it matters. How? Why?

Between Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan, they have 15 all-star nominations. This trio has been playing together since 2011, and yet they have not played in a Western Conference Finals. In fact, the Clippers franchise has never competed in a Western Conference Finals.

The Clippers core roster has remained in tact, despite a Deandre Jordan scare when he almost left the team in free agency. They are one of the few teams that has kept its’ core identity, despite the trade-happy NBA that exists today. They have had key injury issues almost every season, and typically this is the excuse that helps people cope with the historic rate of losing that occurs in this organization.

They have also had their fair share of distractions along the way, from Donald Sterling (previous owner) racist comments to transitioning to a new coach. However, the potential on this team has been there season after season. In fact, in the 2014–2015 playoffs, they were just one win away from going to the Western Conference Finals. They wound up losing 3 straight games to the Rockets, losing their 3–1 series lead that they established.

The Clippers are currently sitting at 4th in the Western Conference. With the playoffs looming ahead, they will try once again to make their first Western Conference Finals appearance. However, if you find yourself watching the Spurs and the Warriors compete in the Western Conference Finals without realizing that the Clippers had somehow dropped out of the playoff race once again unnoticed, don’t worry. They are professionals at this.

Now you see me. Now you don’t.

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