The Top 25 Players In The NBA For The 2017–2018 Season

Hail To The District’s Rajan Nanavati and John Filano rank the top 25 players for the 2017–2018 NBA season to date, with the premise of: if you were playing a basketball game tonight, with everything on the line, who is among the top of the list of players that you’d want on your team?

Discussion topics include:

  • Debating who’s the second-best player in the NBA (4:56)
  • Whether the Wizards could miss the playoffs this season (10:01)
  • Kyrie Irving becoming a top 6 player in the NBA (14:22)
  • Kristaps Porizingis being the NBA’s most under-discussed new superstar (18:49)
  • Where Joel Embiid should be ranked (31:58)
  • Defending the legacy of Sam Hinkie (38:19)
  • Whether John Wall deserves to be in the top 25 of this season (45:56)
  • Selling Real Estate on “Karl-Anthony Towns Peninsula” (1:06:15)
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