What should the Celtics Do with #1 Pick?

The Boston Celtics are getting ready for the Eastern Conference Finals after winning Game 7 against the Washington Wizards. The Celts keep winning these days because on Tuesday night they won the NBA Draft Lottery. With the Draft lottery win it makes the Eastern Conference finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers even more important.

These finals will be important to players like Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder, and Jaylen Brown. All three of these guys are gearing up to be free agents in 2018. Thomas is a max deal type of player in today’s NBA. If the Celtics won’t give him 200 million somebody will. Bradley and Smart can go make a lot of money somewhere else. Jae Crowder and Jaylen Brown will draw the matchup against Lebron James in the Eastern Conference Finals. Problem is Jae Crowder isn’t great offensively only averaging 13.2 points per game. So, he won’t be challenging Lebron much on that end of the floor. Jaylen Brown was brought in as a player with potential. At 10.8 mins per game this offseason I think the Celtics has shut his development down for the season. He could be a great player draft pick pairing to ship somewhere else. For all of these guys this is a potential tryout to see where the club wants to eventually go.

The number one overall pick is clearly Markele Fultz or Lonzo Ball. Both are young point guards that can be productive in the NBA. Markele Fultz is a better fit for what the Boston Celtic do. At 6’4 Fultz can be a really good NBA defender. This could help the Celtics out in the eastern conference against point guards like Kyrie Irving and John Wall. Let’s face it though Kyrie Irving and John Wall aren’t beating teams by themselves Lebron James is. The Celtics need someone who can at least challenge Lebron up and down the court. Josh Jackson and Jayson Tatum have the tools to become that type of player. Josh Jackson is a great all-around player who does a lot of things really good but not great. Jayson Tatum has every weapon you want a player to have offensively and uses long frame really well on the defensive end of the floor. Not saying these two guys will come in the NBA and shut down Lebron James day one but they can work to get there.

Philadelphia and Phoenix sitting there at pick number three and four could be interesting because both teams can use a playmaker at point guard. This is something to keep an eye on. I don’t think shipping players like Isaiah Thomas away is the answer. He is winning games and people in Boston are coming to games to see him. Putting butts in the seats and winning championships is the ultimate goal. Adding a defensive-offensive player to the Isaiah Thomas led team may be what they need.

Originally posted by Marcus Hemingway on JanusViews.com

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