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Key insights from the #FCBSportsTech Symposium in Barcelona (Day 2)

The Sports Technology Symposium of the Barca Innovation Hub is over. It has been two incredible days full of insights and great speakers from amazing clubs and organisations. Big thanks to the organizers! I’ve posted the insights from Day 1 here, this article is about Day 2. Enjoy!

Topics & Insights

The content on Day 2 was presented in 3 different topic sections.

  • Mobile First
  • Player Development
  • ICT: New Business

In this article I will present you my (subjective) key insights for every one of those sections.

Topic 1: Mobile First

The panel consisted of Sourabh Singhal (Google), Paul McCrudden (Twitter) and Alfonso Fernández (Samsung).

I really liked Paul McCrudden’s talk about Sport and the Mobile Mindset. He showed various opportunities that Twitter has to offer for the sports ecosystem:

Some things that stuck to me

  • Twitter has broadcasted more than 830 live events, 74% were streamed to a global audience
  • 71% of people tweeting about the NBA are millenials
  • Paul Pogba was the first athlete with a twitter emoji
  • Twitter is a great opportunity for women’s sports to reach a broader audience

Insights from the other speakers

  • More than 50% of internet traffic is coming from mobile devices and the mobile landing pages of almost all big sports brands are not able to load within 7 seconds
  • Technology in Sports can also have a social impact and help those who are dealing with disabilities

Topic 2: Player Development

The panel consisted of Yvonne Cagle (NASA), Xavier Reche Royo (FC Barcelona) and Emmanuel Faloba (Red Bull Akademie).

Xavier Reche Royo gave a great overview of how FC Barcelona is using ultra wide band technology for player tracking:

Some things that stuck to me

  • Ultra wide band overcomes the challenges of indoor tracking vs. outdoor tracking
  • Tracking of the football players at FC Barcelona already starts at the U13 level

Insights from the other speakers

  • Sometimes we need to find a vacuum on earth to demonstrate our resiliency
  • Technology is very much embraced by young players who even use it outside of official training times because they enjoy the gaming factor

Topic 3: ICT: New Opportunities

The panel consisted of David Barton-Ginger (All Blacks), Daniel Marion (UEFA) and Lucas Di Grassi (Audi).

I enjoyed to hear Daniel Marion speak about how the UEFA is opening up for various kinds of tech driven solutions, which are either already in place or could potentially be used in the future:

Some things that stuck to me

  • Automated clipping for mobile screens is basically ready for production
  • They are thinking to use Blockchain technology for mobile ticketing
  • UEFA 360 is already in place as a VR solution for Champions League games
  • Official Google photographers are used to enable virtual stadium tours instead of flying there (for game preparation)

Insights from the other speakers

  • 82% of the All Blacks fans live outside of New Zealand and their Social Media accounts are managed by only 4 people (worldwide audience of 12 million people)
  • Roborace is about to change the world of racing, cars will be driven by AI, which by now is only 10% slower than humans (compared to 30% one year before)

Once again a big thanks to FC Barcelona and the people who organized the Symposium. The insights from Day 1 can be found here. Looking forward to next years event on November 15th/16th.

Benjamin Penkert is the Founder of SportsTechX and Head of Consulting at the leAD Sports Accelerator in Berlin. You can get in touch via Linkedin, Twitter or mail.

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