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Vive le sport!

France is clearly one of the biggest SportsTech nations in Europe. That might be due to the fact that the country has a strong sporting history, but it also manages the transition into the modern era of sports with some great initiatives. One of them is Le Tremplin, a platform for all kinds of innovation in Sports. Its offering includes an incubator, a coworking space, an academy and more. And then there’s the Sport Innovation Society (SiS), which connects the sport innovation world through a community of international experts and an event format called Sport Innovation Summit. With this setup and some great startups already in place, the future for French SportsTech looks very promising!

I’ve screened over 1000 SportsTech companies in Europe, clustered them and put them into one big database. I started to share my insights with overviews of the Nordic and the German SportsTech landscapes, now it’s time for the French one. Other countries and regions will follow.

The four sectors of SportsTech

Here’s a brief description of how I divided the SportsTech landscape.

Activity & Performance: Solutions surrounding the actual performance, no matter if it’s before, during or after the activity. Typical offerings are data tracker, wearables and new kinds of sports equipment.

Management & Organisation: Solutions that help to manage organisations, venues, leagues and events. Also covers platforms to find other sportsmen, coaches, etc. and to buy products and services, such as tickets or trips.

Media & Fans: Solutions that provide sports interested people and companies with all kinds of content and data. Also includes social platforms that help with branding and connecting fans with athletes, teams, etc.

Games & Bets: Companies that provide eSports, Fantasy Sports and Betting solutions, for players & gamers and as a service.

Note: Some companies cover two or even more sectors/subsectors. For the purpose of this overview they had to be assigned to only one.

The French SportsTech landscape

Some very interesting SportsTech companies have their home in France. Here are a few exciting ones I want to highlight.

Adrenaline Hunter: First booking platform for extreme sports and adventure travel worldwide.

Digifood: App to order and pay for food and beverages in stadiums and during events.

Gymlib: Sport on demand with pay-as-you-go passes for gyms all over France.

Holodia: VR fitness software platform that offers multisport immersive VR training, competition, fun, and networking.

Horsecom: The world’s first Bluetooth headphones for horse and rider plays music to increase the concentration, rhythm, and well-being of the horse.

Mojjo: Connected tennis court solution with algorithms that deliver match stats in near real time.

Netco Sports: Imagine rich, immersive apps at the intersection of the social, mobile, and TV worlds.

Pandascore: eSports data provider who collects live statistics from video streams with a top notch Deep Learning technology.

PIQ: Multisport sensor on a platform for various sports that delivers real-time analytics on the Cloud.

Sport Heroes Group: Creating innovative digital sport experiences to unite communities and motivate the masses.

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Distribution within the country

City distribution: As expected most of the companies are located in startup hotspot Paris. But it’s impressive to see that the capital is very dominating with being home for 63% of the French SportsTech companies.

Sector distribution: Similar to the German SportsTech landscape “Management & Organisation” is the biggest sector in the market. With 45% it has a surprisingly massive market share in France. From a subsector perspective “Marketplaces & Discovery” is clearly in front, with “Wearables & Equipment” following behind.

Approx. 33% of the SportsTech companies in France have been founded in the last 2.5 years, which is clearly higher than the European average of 25%.

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More data coming up

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Benjamin Penkert is Head of Business Development & Events at the Swedish startup accelerator Fast Track Malmö and Founder of SportsTechX, an organisation that connects SportsTech startups with investors and the sports industry. You can get in touch via LinkedIn, Twitter or mail.

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