Recap of the Stadia Ventures UK event

Benjamin Penkert
May 21, 2019 · 4 min read

From St. Louis to London to showcase best in class SportsTech solutions

May 15th was a special day on our fully packed SportsTech calendar. Why? Because we finally had the chance to meet the folks from Stadia Ventures who came over from the US to connect with the local ecosystem. We at SportsTechX see their work as a benchmark in the industry and had so far only spoken via phone or email.

In case you don’t know them yet: Stadia Ventures is a global Sports Innovation Hub for entrepreneurs based in the US, industry partners and investors, creating an ecosystem for sports and esports innovation growth by leveraging their team’s core strengths: education, investment, network, and industry expertise.

The event was made possible through the efforts of Charlie Greenwood who was organising and running the event, besides introducing Stadia to a variety of London based initiatives and sport organisations. The event was sponsored by Northridge Law LLP, SRI Analytics, Inc. and CSM Sport & Entertainment. Well done!

Joe Pimmel, Managing Director at Stadia Ventures, gave an overview about their activities and presented impressing numbers and insights.

Then Tim Hayden from Stadia spoke with Keith Dobkowski from the NFL and Chris Golier from the NHL about “Sports Innovation In The States” and provided some insights into successful and also not so successful activities of their respective organisations.

SportsTech startup pitches

Stadia Ventures brought five of their portfolio companies who presented in front of over 120 senior sports leaders, investors, VIP guests and other sports startups.

Satisfi Labs is an AI-powered Knowledge Management Platform making brands AI-ready and unlock the full potential of conversational search and commerce for fan, guest, and customer engagement.

Blinder is the way high-performance teams connect their ‘talent’ with the media and fans. It lets communications managers provide unprecedented access to their athletes, entertainers and team leaders, while respecting everyone’s privacy and time.

Nix is taking the guessing out of hydration with a wearable, single-use sensor that informs athletes’ hydration strategy: when to drink, what to drink, and how much to drink.

Sports Commentary is the only part of the live feed that can be customized to suit your different audiences. Spalk’s Virtual Sportscasting Studio allows you to provide hundreds of different commentators on every one of your live games.

A platform that allows sports team to store, track and deliver their internally-curated content to the mobile phones of their athletes, who can access a personalized content gallery through their INFLCR app, and share directly to any of their social platforms, growing their brand and the brand of their team at the same time.

London leading the way

The event was another indication that London is the capital of SportsTech in Europe and that businesses from abroad are choosing it as their first touchpoint in overseas. For more data and insights make sure to check out the London SportTech Report or the European SportsTech Report. And in case you wanna meet Stadia Ventures there’s another opportunity in July :)

Tim Hayden from Stadia Ventures

Benjamin Penkert is the Founder of Berlin based SportsTechX — Data & insights about SportsTech startups and the surrounding ecosystem. You can get in touch via Linkedin, Twitter or email.


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