Sports Tech Tokyo World Demo Day

The program’s 12 final startups got showcased in San Francisco

Benjamin Penkert
Aug 21, 2019 · 4 min read

On August 20th the SportsTech World was looking at California, where Sports Tech Tokyo (STT) hosted a one-day gathering, that aimed to bring together global sports thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors to discuss the impact technology is having on the sports industry. STT is a global community for best-in-class sports tech startups from around the world to connect and innovate with leading corporations. It is based on a partnership between Scrum Ventures, a U.S.-based venture capital firm, and Dentsu Inc.

The event took place at the beautiful Oracle Park in San Francisco, home of the San Francisco Giants. It was kicked off by Michael Proman, Managing Director at Scrum Ventures and opening various open remarks.

Then followed a panel discussion on “The Changing Face of Sports Venture,” with Brano Perkovich (Chief Investment Officer at the San Francisco 49ers), Kim Frisch (Vice President Corporate Development at World Wrestling Entertainment), Michael Spirito (Managing Director at Sapphire Ventures) and Milos Ribic (Director at Adidas Corporate Ventures).


3D Digital Venue provides interactive digital venue management solutions to sports and entertainment venues across the globe.

4D Replay is a media technology company that brings 360-degree time-slicing video highlights to a variety of professional sports, commercials, movies, and events.

DataPOWA Is a data-driven, real-time sports sponsorship valuation engine enabling brands to leverage and maximize their sponsorship investments.

edisn Al is an A.I. powered fan engagement platform with state-of-the-art player recognition, contextual content delivery and social engagement to millions of fans.

FitBiomics is a sports biotechnology company that utilizes next-generation sequencing of microbiome of elite athletes to identify and isolate novel probiotic bacteria for applications in sports performance and recovery.

Misapplied Sciences is a display technology company that allows brands to personalize content in public places — enabling multiple viewers to simultaneously share the same display and realize different experiences.

Omegawave products enables athletes to quickly, non-stressfully and non-invasively assess how their body is responding to previous exertion while gaining insights to optimize their next training session.

Pixellot is a sports media company that streamlines the production workflow by deploying an unmanned multi-camera system that covers the entire playing environment.

Reely utilizes computer vision and deep learning to automatically identify, clip, and distribute sports highlights.

SportsCastr provides ultra-low latency live video platform for sports that brings studio-quality features to anyone with an iPhone, including real-time score-bugs, broadcast quality motion graphics and augmented reality.

ventus integrates fans and supporters of teams/athletes through the purchase and collection of digital trading cards, which then acts as a token of support as well as a ticket for various services and rewards.

WILD Technologies Al enables women to optimize their training and performance potential via an app-based Al coach.

Besides the finalists the event had various booths to showcase some other companies: Halo Neuroscience, SyncThink, Boston Biomotion, Miro AI, Trinity VR, EyecandyLab, YBVR, Tagboard, Uplift Labs, WaitTime, Snapscreen, Playermaker and Fun With Balls.

A day in the bay

It was good to see a bigger SportsTech event happening in San Francisco, we think there should be more! Sports Tech Tokyo managed to bring together some really good companies with a relatively high level of maturity. Definitely something to look into for investors and organisations looking for solutions that are ready to be implemented. We’re curious about the next steps/cohorts of STT. In the meantime, feel free to check out our overview of the California SportsTech landscape.

Benjamin Penkert is the Founder of Berlin based SportsTechX — Data & insights about SportsTech startups and the surrounding ecosystem. You can get in touch via Linkedin, Twitter or email.


The #1 source for data & insights about Sports Tech startups and the surrounding ecosystem. More infos at

Benjamin Penkert

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Founder of @sportstechx. All about #sportstech and #startups.


The #1 source for data & insights about Sports Tech startups and the surrounding ecosystem. More infos at

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