SportsTech & Innovation at One-Zero

Benjamin Penkert
Sep 19, 2019 · 3 min read

Ireland shows its SportsTech capabilities.

We’re back from Ireland after attending the One-Zero conference in Dublin last week.The folks at One-Zero organized a great event which welcomed 500 professionals working in sports to hear from an expert lineup of over 40 international speakers, all within Dublin’s beautiful Aviva Stadium.

The agenda was set up across four key sectors: SportsTech & Innovation, Broadcast & Media, Sponsorship and Fan Engagement. We, of course, spent most of our time at the SportsTech & Innovation stage where several industry leaders facilitated insightful discussions.

SportsTech & Innovation

First, we heard from Sean O’Connor (STATSports), Julie Johnson (Armored Things) and Stephen Smith (Kitman Labs) as they discussed their stories as founders of some of the world’s leading SportsTech companies.

Two quotes that stuck with us:

Stephen Smith: “In the end it’s the coach who decides what performance is.”

Julie Johnson: “Stadiums are a great testing ground for smart cities and investors understand this.”

Next, we got to hear from Eamonn Donlyn (SportVEST), Tim Hayden (Stadia Ventures) and Oren Simanian (Colosseum Sport). The three, along with moderator Emmet Ryan, led a discussion surrounding VC money and where the nexts sports “unicorn” will come from.

Two quotes that stuck with us:

Tim Hayden: “Sports is like a Trojan horse that can bring you into other industries.”

Omar Simanian: “We’re looking into mass market solutions and core technologies that can be used in sports.”

SportsTech Startup Competition

The day led up to the SportsTech Startup Competition where four finalists were contenders for the “front runner” title. We were happy to be invited as one of the three jury members, together with Steven O’Gara from Dublin City Council and Michael Culligan from Dublin BIC. Thanks for having us!

Pico — Israel

A SaaS platform that helps sports teams build 1-on-1 fan relationships by making it easy to communicate with fans on the social channels they prefer.

Reactoo — UK

White-label video technologies for broadcasters to grow, engage and monetise their audiences.

Snaptivity — UK

Snaptivity drives fan engagement by capturing the best moments at the stadium and delivering their stunning photos directly to their smartphones.

Volograms — Ireland

Volograms technology uses a set of videos taken from different viewpoints and transforms them into volumetric holograms, volograms, that can be enjoyed in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

And it was Snaptivity who managed to bring home the trophy, in this case a €10k cheque. Congratulations!

Lucky to be in SportsTech

One-Zero was another great event that shined a spotlight on SportsTech and innovation and allowed several startups to get exposure. We were glad to be involved in this year’s conference and we can’t wait to see developments from all of the finalists. One thing we want to point out: We really enjoyed the moderators throughout the day, they added a special note to the event and contributed to very good conversations. Something for many other conferences to think about. Well done Patrick Haslett and team!

Want to learn more about SportsTech startups? Checkout our global database, SportsTechDB. Why stop there? Read up on SportsTech in Europe in our European SportsTech Report.

Benjamin Penkert is the Founder of Berlin based SportsTechX — Data & insights about SportsTech startups and the surrounding ecosystem. You can get in touch via Linkedin, Twitter or email.


The #1 source for data & insights about Sports Tech startups and the surrounding ecosystem. More infos at

Benjamin Penkert

Written by

Founder of @sportstechx. All about #sportstech and #startups.


The #1 source for data & insights about Sports Tech startups and the surrounding ecosystem. More infos at

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