Startups at the FitTech Summit 2019

Benjamin Penkert
Jun 6, 2019 · 7 min read

June 4th marked the second year of the FitTech Summit in Munich. It was yet another successful event focused on fitness innovation held at the tropical Beach38° and hosted by Burda Bootcamp, a startup lab by Hubert Burda Media, one of the largest media companies in Europe. The summit, which first came together in July of 2018, featured international speakers and industry leaders in the areas of fitness, health and nutrition to offer insights regarding the FitTech industry.

Natalia Karbasova, founder of the FitTech Summit, kicked off the event explaining why fitness is the new religion before the day would see 70 speakers and 50 startups present sports and fitness insights and industry observations.

Three stages allowed attendees to plan their day around hearing from keynote speakers and panels, founder presentations or guided activity sessions. Before we have a look at the startups from the event here are a few slides from the presentation of John Peters of the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) that we found very interesting:

Pitch Competition Top 10

The most exciting event of the day for us at SportsTechX was the startup pitch competition, which allowed a handpicked group of startups to share their contribution to the future of FitTech. The top 10 startups in the pitch competition included a diverse group of companies and we’ve listed them below in alphabetical order.

A-Champs was voted second in the competition. A-Champs created a solution to get people to move with fun and gaming elements. Using the latest tech and simple game concepts A-Champs makes kids run, move and play around. In real life — away from any screens.

CellGarden is a self-growing garden that enables users to harvest fresh and tasty superfood right at home, offering a simple solution for a healthy, fresh diet.

Dynostics produces a wearable for smart performance and metabolism analysis. The mobile performance analysis system shows an athlete’s current fitness levels within minutes on the basis of their respiratory gases.

Flowletics ia a training app to increase mental and emotional fitness and helps ambitious people experience more flow and productivity.

Fun with Balls is merging real sports with engaging gamification to solve the sport participation issue in the digital age. Their first product, interactiveSQUASH has created an immersive system and platform that merges sensors, software and display technologies.

mealIQ offers an AI powered personalised nutrition platform to help people with health conditions plan and shop for meals in three clicks.

Mindshine finished third in the competition with a platform that offers personal training for the mind in a personal growth app. Mindshine helps users train their minds to “unlock your full potential and set yourself up for a happier and more successful life.”

Playo is a micro sports community builder application and a one stop destination to connect all sports enthusiasts and bring back ‘play’ in your life.

SensuSport is the first ever wearable training device to help golfers to practice their feel and touch. The SensuGlasses were created to change the way you play golf.

YFood Labs finished the competition in the top spot. YFood Labs creates a ready-to-drink complete meal. The YFood drink replaces a complete meal in a tasty, healthy and affordable way by providing 25% of daily nutrition.

Other Startups in Attendance

  • 8sense is a coach that captures and analyzes your movements in the office or during sports.

Looking Forward to Year 3

Burda Bootcamp put on a great event full of exciting and innovative discussions surrounding the global FitTech community. While the 2019 FitTech Summit has come to a close, we’re already looking forward to next year’s event. It is clear that FitTech is an important industry and one that we’re keeping a close eye on, which is also reflected in the amount of money invested in startups of this kind. Be sure to checkout the European SportsTech Report to better understand the existing landscape for technology in sports and fitness.

Benjamin Penkert is the Founder of Berlin based SportsTechX — Data & insights about SportsTech startups and the surrounding ecosystem. You can get in touch via Linkedin, Twitter or email.


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