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SportX <> ComethSwap

SX has officially been added to ComethSwap!

SX + ComethSwap = 🚀 🚀 🚀

SportX has been added to the ComethSwap weekly SkyMap — ComethSwap’s liquidity mining rewards system! Through this program holders of SX can earn both SX and MUST tokens by providing liquidity to the SX-ETH or the SX-MUST pools on ComethSwap. Follow this two step guide to learn how:

#1 Provide SX & ETH Liquidity

Go to the SX/ETH pair on ComethSwap, enter equal parts SX and ETH. Then click Approve for both currencies & then click “Supply”.

#2 Stake Liquidity to ComethSwap

Once you hit “Supply” in step 1 you will receive SX-ETH LP tokens. You will now need to go to the SX-ETH section on the ComethSwap Farming page and stake the LP tokens to earn MUST and SX.

Thats it! You are now using SX & ETH to earn MUST + SX 🎉

Note: You can also earn rewards by adding to the SX/MUST liquidity pool and staking those LP tokens. It involves the exact same steps, but instead you need SX and MUST token.

Buy SX or MUST on

Join our Discord or check out the SportX prediction market exchange if you have any questions!



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