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SportX Spring Cup Finals Recap

#6 DOUBLEJ takes home the crown, ending the magical cinderella run of #16 Monerodinero

Check out the live interactive bracket here!

Congrats to our winner… #6 DOUBLEJ! 👑👑👑

He takes home the $5,000 DAI grand prize, and 10,000 staked SX reward!

He also receives the first ever SportX Tournament NFT:

🤴 Road to the Title

Let’s recap how DOUBLEJ got here, looking at each of his previous matchups:

  • ✅ First Round: DOUBLEJ (+$2,252) win over #11 Goku777 (+$179)
  • ✅ Second Round: DOUBLEJ (+$42) win over #3 Mbappe (-$948)
  • ✅ Sweet 16: DOUBLEJ (+$1,204) win over #7 JayWill8 (+$111)
  • ✅ Elite 8: DOUBLEJ (+$677) win over #16 Racerxyz (+$115)
  • ✅ Final 4: DOUBLEJ (+$1,505) win over #13 Heavyarms (-$3,167)
  • ✅ Finals: DOUBLEJ (+$1,134) win over #16 Monderodinero (-$83)

DOUBLEJ absolutely crushed it this tournament, finishing positive on the day in each of his six matchups. In this single-elimination style tournament, consistency is the key to winning.

The Finals was a study of opposites. #16 Monerodinero had been coasting through the tournament up into this point, avoiding major mistakes, while also not shooting the lights out. Meanwhile, DOUBLEJ also had one of the bigger bankrolls in the tournament and had been using it judiciously.

In the end, this extra firepower turned out to be the difference, along with a heater for the ages, as DOUBLEJ shot the lights out, finishing +$1,134 on the day. Special mention to #16 Monerodinero for making it this far as one of the bottom seeds in the tournament; it was truly a run for the ages.

🏆 SportX Majors

Thank you to the community for an awesome first SportX Spring Cup! Stay tuned for more “Majors” like this tournament. The plan is to host one major tournament each quarter, with larger prize pools and entry based on Staked SX. We’ll be releasing an updated tournament schedule in the upcoming days!

🏟 Community Links

Make a bet on the SportX Exchange, follow us on Twitter and Medium, and join the SportX community Discord!




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