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SportX v5: The Trading Upgrade

Bet on whether Ethereum or Bitcoin prices are going up or down!

🗓 SportX Roadmap

SportX v5: The Trading Upgrade

The next few months are going to be huge for the SportX platform.

We’re working on a series of UX/UI updates, new markets, and new features that we’re calling SportX v5: The Trading Upgrade.

The goal with this change is to make SportX the best place in the world to trade sports, political, and crypto event outcomes.

To get there, we need to revamp the user interface to make it scalable enough to support a 100x increase in markets, greatly expand the markets offered, and allow users to trade in/out of their bets, frictionlessly.

We’re excited to announce the first part of this update has been released!

📈 Crypto Price Markets v1

Crypto Price Markets are now live on SportX! Users can bet on whether prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum will be above or below different prices by different points in time:

We’re calling it v1 of Crypto Price Markets as there is only a limited range of strike prices to trade, with only one expiration time per week (3am ET every Friday).

💻 Bet Slip 2.0

We’ve released a new simplified betting experience we’re calling Bet Slip 2.0.

This feature will allow users to bet straight from the summary page if they choose, without having to go to the order book. It also introduces a new bet order type (Market orders), while allowing users that like to set their own odds to still do so (with Limit orders).

Bet straight from the Summary Page!

Bet Slip 2.0 dramatically simplifies the UX for recreational bettors, by hiding the complexity of exchange order books from them, while still giving sophisticated bettors access to them if they so choose.

We also upgraded the UI for Bet Notifications and added a new Bet Receipt that shows up on your Bet Slip after you complete a bet:

⏱️ Fast Exit

Finally, we also launched our custom Polygon/Matic bridge for SportX users that we’re calling Fast Exit.

This custom bridge will dramatically increase the speed of conversions of Ethereum DAI/ETH into Matic DAI/ETH for everyone, while allowing us to lower the costs of doing so for ETH bettors.

Matic has been growing leaps and bounds over the last month, and we hope that the SportX Fast Exit bridge can help adoption by giving users an easier and faster way for users to migrate their holdings over.

🎉 What’s Next?

The big feature we’re currently working on is: Cashout.

The Cashout feature will enable users to trade in/out of bets, enabling bettors to become traders. We believe this will substantially increase volume beyond the $300,000/day pace SportX is currently at, by allowing users to liquidate positions before settlement.

For Crypto Price Markets, we’ll be expanding the market coverage to include more strike prices and more expiration times. Instead of four strike prices on only one one expiration time per week, the goal is to get to 20 separate strike prices, with +5 expiration times per week.

We’ll also be adjusting the UI to include TradingView crypto price charts so users can easily compare the current price trend with the market they are trading:

Finally, we’ll also be updating the user interface of the Summary Page and Popular Markets page to better fit all these new markets we’re adding. We’re working on making our UI more scalable so that we can support a 100x increase in our markets offering.

Our goal is to have the most markets, with the best liquidity. These recent changes, along with the planned upgrades coming down the pipeline, get us one step closer to this goal.

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About SportX

SportX is the world’s first regulated non-custodial sports betting exchange. Built on the Ethereum and Matic blockchain, SportX provide bettors with unparalleled control, transparency, and fairness.



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