SX Network Token Now on Ethereum

SX Network token is now live on Ethereum! Bridge native SX from SX Network to Ethereum and back!

SX Network
SX Network



  • The SX Network token is now live on Ethereum
  • SX Contract Address on Ethereum is: 0xbe9F61555F50DD6167f2772e9CF7519790d96624
  • SX Tokens can now be bridged between Ethereum and SX Network
  • An initial Uniswap v3 liquidity pool has been launched

The SX Token is officially accessible on the Ethereum Network, representing a major milestone in exposing SX token to the broader crypto ecosystem. This highly requested upgrade will enable greater access for traders, stakers and bettors.

You can find the SX Token Contract Address on Ethereum here: 0xbe9F61555F50DD6167f2772e9CF7519790d96624

In the coming weeks, we anticipate a host of more listings, partnerships, and product launches.

Uniswap Pool

In addition, we have launched an ETH/SX trading pool on Uniswap. Check it out on DexScreener here:

What is the SX Token?

The SX token is the life blood of SX Network, the largest prediction market application-specific blockchain (app chain) in the world. This means that the SX Token secures the SX Network blockchain AND governs the SX Bet prediction market.

SX Network blockchain is a high performance, EVM compatible chain with sub 2 second block times and bridges from both Ethereum and Polygon.

SX Bet is the largest on-chain prediction market with over $400,000,000 bet all time. The prediction market focuses on sports and crypto prices.

For real time information on the SX Token, supply and liquidity check out this analytics page.

Looking ahead

SX Bet is shifting the betting landscape from a shady, predatory industry where the odds are stacked against you, to a fair and transparent stock exchange for sports where bettors are empowered to win.

Join us as we transform the sports betting industry from the ground up. Users have wagered over $400,000,000 to date to make this vision a reality and we are just getting started. Check out more of our 2024 roadmap here and the recent LiquiStake announcement here. There are a host of other partnerships and big announcements coming down the pipeline in the upcoming weeks, so make sure you’ve joined the Discord community to keep up to date.


I have SX Tokens on SX Network (staked or otherwise), do I need to do anything?

No. All SX Tokens on SX Network are unaffected, but SX Tokens can now be bridged to Ethereum if you wish.

I have the old SportX tokens on Polygon, how do I convert those to SX Network Tokens?

Any SportX tokens held on Polygon can be converted to SX Tokens by bridging them from Polygon to SX Network here.

I have the old SportX tokens on Ethereum, how do I convert those to SX Network Tokens?

Any SportX tokens held on Ethereum have to first be bridged to Polygon using the official Polygon bridge, then can be converted to SX Tokens by bridging them from Polygon to SX Network here.

I want to hold or trade SX Tokens on Ethereum, which wallet should I use?

You will be able to trade and hold SX Tokens with any Ethereum wallet that interacts with ERC-20 tokens. A popular option is MetaMask, here is a guide on adding tokens to your metamask.

About SX

SX Bet is the #1 blockchain sports betting platform by betting volume across all chains. All bets are peer-to-peer and settled on-chain. SX lets you get the best odds when you bet on sports with crypto, all from the security of your own wallet. SX has processed +$400,000,000 in betting volume. SX Bet is not available in the United States or other prohibited jurisdictions.

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SX Network
SX Network

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