Why SpotAngels?

Two years ago, my co-founders and I started thinking about how we could solve the parking problem in congested cities. In all the cities we lived in, our parking experience was terrible. We were not the only ones. Millions of people who need their cars to get to work, to take their kids to school or to run errands were facing the same problem: there is no comprehensive information available when it comes to parking. There were plenty of parking apps out there, none of them was answering our needs.

We started building Spot Angels after getting our car towed in San Francisco and had to pay $569 to get it back.

The app is straightforward. It sends you a reminder before street cleaning, alternate side parking or any other parking restriction.

Parking Reminder before Street Cleaning

It knows all the parking rules and saves your parking location by connecting to your car’s bluetooth speakers. When your car is turned off, the app tells you how long you can stay and sets up a parking reminder. No Bluetooth? No worries. the app can still save your parking location thanks to your phone motion sensors.
You don’t even need to open it to benefit from it!

Automated parking detection with Bluetooth.

And it works! Our users save on average $100+ per year in parking tickets 💸💸💸 Drivers in the US pay $20B in parking tickets every year. Our goal is to stop it. To do that we rely on our community. Our parking data is more than 95% accurate and constantly updated by our users. You can send a picture of a parking sign anywhere our data is wrong or missing. We will update it within 24 hours 🚀

SpotAngels parking maps

Saving you from parking tickets is a lot of fun but it is just the beginning. Making parking easy is our end goal. Stay tuned :)

Feel free to email me at hamza@spotangels.com or to tweet @SpotAngels if you have any questions or suggestions about SpotAngels.

Thanks to Mehdi and Aboud for reading drafts of this.

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