New stars join the team

Those of you who follow us, or have seen us in person, will recognize the faces of our CEO Tim, Ambassador Andrew and CSO Sean. They have spoken at numerous events all over the world. Now we can add a new star to our line-up: our Armenian country manager Anait Ambartsumyan. At “Blockchain day: Going through ICO — steps & insights” in Yerevan, Armenia, Anait did what we knew she would: rock the stage.

Armenia Country manager Anait Ambartsumyan

Anait drove home the point that ICOs are serious business: “It’s a game for adults, where you need careful plan and lay out your next steps in a roadmap. Find the right away to stand out and communicate clearly and honestly with your community, because they are what matters most — and they will check up on you all the time.”

Meanwhile, our CEO Tim Gick is in Asia, meeting with NEO. Just before departing for Shanghai, Tim said, “I’m really excited to meet with senior leadership at NEO to discuss Spotcoin’s progress, how we are helping other NEP-5 projects make connections in the Black Sea region, and our company’s potential role in NEO 3.0.” Sounds like he is on a mission.

This week we also welcomed some new faces to our team in Tbilisi: Shalva Chonishvili and George Batsiashvili. Shalva will be active on our social media team, posting, creating and making it all around awesome. He also looks good with a guitar. George comes from a digital agency and is a tech and analytics guys, who has fun building messenger bots. (Who doesn’t?) They will be part of our marketing team, as we strive to always keep an open channel with our community.

We received some nice compliments about our infographic depicting the NEO universe, that we used in our article about Spotcoin’s role in the NEO universe. Great job by our designers Debi and Irakli.

“You will never see another project with financial forecasts. This is huge, this is a very serious project. This could be a pretty big deal.” Spotcoin was selected for a video review by dnorthro and he had some nice things to say about us. Thanks!

Also, happy Quatorze Juillet to all our French readers, and good luck to both the French and Croatian fans tonight for the World Cup final. If we could make winning a football match work for everyone, we would.

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SpotCoin makes digital currencies work for everyone through quick, simple trading. Digital exchange coming soon. ICO closed successfully on Oct. 27. Talk to us in Telegram at: · Register at:

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SpotCoin makes digital currencies work for everyone through quick, simple trading. Digital exchange coming soon. ICO closed successfully on Oct. 27. Talk to us in Telegram at: · Register at:

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