A Festive Weekend!

A long weekend is waiting for us in Montreal! The city is going to move even more in the color of Quebec to celebrate the national holiday. As your cultural events buddy, SpotEv is here to propose you a small program to take advantage of this festive weekend!

1. Le Grand Défilé: This Friday don’t miss the opening of the Montreal’ festivities for the National Holiday. For the occasion, many francophone artists gather to celebrate the language and the history of Quebec through music. So let’s meet at Quartiers des spectacles at 6:30pm!

2. Parade of the National Holiday: Saturday, June 24th come and enjoy the unavoidable event of this weekend. You will be able to enjoy the parade on Saint-Denis Street. 
3. Une Ostie de Fin de Semaine: This event will be held in French. “Quand tu te retrouves dans les Caraïbes pour une fin de semaine et devoir, par la force des choses, partager ton cabanon avec une personne qui te gosse!”. A nice show to come and see at the Comedie de Montreal. 
4. Piknic Electronik: It is a weekly Electronic Musical Festival that takes place every Sunday during the summer at Parc Jean-Drapeau. It is a great platform for international DJs to showcase their music and let the world go crazy on their tunes.
5. Planet MTL: “Thanks to a three-dimensional interactive model, you can become mayor of Montreal for a few minutes. Snowstorms, daily traffic jams, major influxes of tourists and protection of biodiversity — will you succeed in managing this urban ecosystem and the many events that happen in it?”. To be discovered at the Biosphere in Montreal.

As always, don’t hesitate to come on SpotEv to find all the other events of this weekend!
Have a great weekend!

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