Why should you go to Comedy Shows?

Sounds Funny But it’s True: “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. A good comedy show packs a harder punch than several other forms of entertainment!

But have you ever thought of why it does so? There are uncountable reasons. Lets explore a few very important ones:

· It reduces the stress level.

· It evokes hearty laughs, which helps you confront situations with a positive frame of mind.

· It releases endorphin, a chemical that improve you state of well-being and also temporarily relieve you of physical pain.

· It renews your energy that you get from laughs, which is beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

· It leaves you with the happy heart and a smile on your face and is guaranteed that you’ll get sound sleep when you lay in bed with a smile rather than a frown. And (for sure) no discussion is required regarding the effects of sound sleep on your health!

So what do you do get endorphin chemical released? Which one is (are) your favorite Comedy Show? SpotEv always love to explore new Comedy Shows!

SpotEv wishes you a big dose of Laughter!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂

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