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Creating Strategic Impact for Leadership Through Multidisciplinary Research

I lead the Strategic Research team for Spotify’s Advertising Business Unit. After several years of seeing the benefits of doing mixed methods User Research in partnership with Data Science, I built this multidisciplinary insights team designed to provide data-informed directions for product and business executives. By triangulating 5 insights disciplines, our team delivers actionable insights that impact our 1–5 year goals and strategies for leadership.

This article explores our journey of building this unique team that generates actionable insights that shape our organization’s vision and strategy.

Definition: Creating a One-Stop Insights Shop for Product & Business Leadership

For us, the answer was to build a team of 5 insights disciplines that work together to conduct Strategic Research.

Craft: Adding Insights Disciplines for Holistic Insights & Maximum Impact

Impact: Creating a Strategic Research Flywheel Effect

Setting Up Your Strategic Research Team & Flywheel




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