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moe. LIVE! in Seaside Heights, NJ

By Spotlight Central. Photos by Love Imagery

It’s a gorgeous summer evening in Seaside Heights, NJ, this Sunday, July 10, 2022 as music lovers ready themselves for a concert on the beach by the world-renown jam band, moe. The group’s performance tonight is the second in the resort town’s Seaside Heights Live series of summer concerts which premiered on June 25 with the Grateful Dead tribute band, Dark Star Orchestra.

Warming up the audience tonight is NYC bassist Karina Rykman.

Looking out at the Jersey crowd, Rykman exclaims, “It’s unbelievable what’s going on here — the soft serve, the candy apples!” before declaring, “We’re thrilled to be here in Seaside Heights, and we have 30 minutes to rock!”

Accompanied by Adam November on guitar and Chris Corsico on drums, Rykman’s solid bass playing is highlighted on the Rykman rocker, “Joyride,” before she and the band launch into her introspective composition, “Plants.”

After announcing, “This one is about New York City, where we’re from,” Rykman and Co. perform the up-tempo “City Kid,” where Rykman vocalizes the sing-song melody and November’s guitar swirls to the driving rhythm.

Concluding with the funky “Elevator,” Karina’s performance is filled with enthusiastic energy that jumps off the stage and captures the attention of members of the crowd who respond with whistles and applause. “Thank you so much!” exclaims Rykman.

The audience erupts with cheers as moe.— Suke Cerulo on guitar, Jim Loughlin on mallets and percussion, Rob Derhak on bass, Al Schnier on guitar, Vinnie Amico on drums, and Nate Wilson on keyboards and flute — takes the stage.

Schnier takes to the mic to inquire, “How are you folks doing?” before asking, “How about Karina Rykman? You love her as much as we do?”

moe. opens its set with “Happy Hour Hero.” Audience members dance to the easy groove as they enjoy the sun and sand. Schnier solos, moving with his guitar as he plays a melody filled with delightful twists and turns.

Nate Wilson’s piano cascades add to the vibe as the music ebbs and swells like the rolling of the tide.

Vinnie Amico’s drums lead the band into the upbeat “ATL.” Staccato keyboard morphs into a rollicking jam that sets toes tapping as people dance, enjoying the groove and feel of the music before reacting with enthusiastic cheers and applause.

The group slows things down on “Nebraska,” a number which features the sound of a wah-wah guitar which blends with the quickening two-step feel of the drums as Rob Derhak’s bass walks along.

Swirling guitars start off “Big World,” a funky tune filled with staccato stops and starts. Nate Wilson’s flute solo calls to the crowd, and music lovers in the audience respond with hoots and hollers to the energy coming from the stage before Jim Loughlin is featured on vibes.

Vibes and guitars trade off on “The Pit,” a tune which has band members vocalizing on the tune’s catchy “All the way down to the bottom” refrain.

The band concludes its set with the funky “Dangerous Game” where blue lights flash in time to the music as the sky begins to turn a dusky blue/gray and rosy pink. Audience members play air guitar and air bass as they stroll the beach to the band’s easy groove. At the conclusion, the crowd hoots and hollers with approval in anticipation of more moe.

As the group takes a break before continuing with tunes including “Stranger than Fiction,” “Yodelittle,” “White Lightning Turpentine,” “Crushing,” “George,” and “Rebubula,” and concluding with “St. Augustine,” we chat with several concertgoers who share their thoughts on tonight’s moe. experience.

Says Jackie from Randolph, “This is my first moe. concert in 13 years. I’m here to celebrate my birthday! Before 2009, I was up to 34 shows — I’d seen them in New Jersey, New York, and, also, in Turin, NY at the moe.down festival — but it’s especially great seeing them here. I give this show an A+ for the beach — there’s no better way to see live music than on the beach, and with no better backdrop than the rides — and I loved the energy from the band and the energy coming from the crowd, too.” Her friend, Arleen from Toms River, agrees, acknowledging, “I love the beach concerts here, too! I just saw the Dark Star Orchestra here on the beach two weeks ago and I came back again tonight for my very first moe. concert.”

Peter from Highland Park reveals, “I’m a longtime fan of moe. I’ve seen them in person nine or ten times. To me, they’re serious rock, and I especially liked the first song they played tonight, ‘Happy Hour Hero,’ which is one of my favorites.” Karen from Highland Park agrees, adding, “Peter is a real moe. fan, but I know a lot of their songs — I hear them at home all the time,” before declaring, “This is my first concert here in Seaside Heights, and it’s just an awesome venue — I love it!”

Donald from Margate recalls, “I’ve seen moe. many times. I love these guys! I love the band’s sound, and I’m especially hooked on the sound of the vibes.” Paul from Old Bridge asserts, “The keyboardist/flute player is amazing, but the whole band is great. I’ve seen them on cruises and even in the Dominican Republic,” before adding, “I had a blast tonight — what an atmosphere here on the beach!” Antonio from Mexico declares, “The beach is awesome!” noting, “It’s my first time here, and I especially enjoyed listening to moe.’s style of rock — it really just makes me relax.”

Rob from Ocean remarks, “moe. is very good tonight — I just love jam bands.” His friend, Dave from Tinton Falls, acknowledges, “Rob is more of a ‘moe.ron’ than I am, but I especially enjoyed the addition of the keyboardist — I really love the sound of the organ and the flute,” before concluding, “Although I think Phish is the greatest jam band out there, moe. is right up there with them.”

To learn more about moe., please go to For information on upcoming Seaside Heights Live concerts — including Air Supply on July 23, America on Aug. 6, Greensky Bluegrass on August 13, George Benson on August 14, and the Seaside Summer Freestyle Fest on August 17, please click on

For info on free upcoming shows in Seaside Heights — including a Billy Joel tribute concert by Captain Jack on July 21, an AC/DC tribute by Dirty Deeds on July 28, October Rose on August 1, a Van Morrison tribute by Moondance on August 4, and Soul Shine, An Allman Brothers Experience Concert on August 25 — please click on



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