Spotmi is an year old now 🎉 🎁

Spotmi completes one year in the ecosystem

Aakash Dave
Dec 16, 2018 · 3 min read

This is your captain speaking 👨🏻‍✈️. Welcome aboard. Our Journey till the end of this article is going to be 2 minutes, filled with lots of information and new surprises. We expect you to have an enjoyable experience, so stay tuned.

This day the last year, Spotmi was launched with a very simple vision in mind, to get reality to social network and level up this game. So far we have accomplished pretty fascinating results and have conquered a couple of challenges. Starting from the first day, having the most minimal design and functionality, we are here today offering a variety of options like peek-search, the spot-ground, One-Tap Access and Spotmi Assist( a personal assistant that actually takes feedback from users to see if it truly understands what your expression meant). This has been quite a journey for us and we are delighted with the response we’ve got. So far, people have been sharing moments of their life right from their birthdays, to parties, to vacations and a lot more. Besides sharing this with the community, with real reactions, they are able to get a lot more insight about them.

We are overwhelmed by the performance Spotmi has received and how it has influenced people’s lives. We will continue this crusade to bring a lot more positivity and value to people’s relationships and lives.

Well, today marks our 1 year anniversary(Yay!). And we are more than happy to share that with all of you. With these new milestones, comes lots of new sleek features. Coming soon, will be an updated camera design, Adaptive search with True buddies functionality that we promised in the last blog, and a special surprise. These are just to name a few. Furthermore, we will be even more frequent with ours blogs and keep you updated about everything that goes on at Spotmi. But, isn’t that just a basic template which everyone’s following. Hence we came up with something more easy to got to.

Introducing Spotmi Shots.

A 2–4 min short blogs that you can read while on the tube, the bus or even on the sidewalk. This will be like a quick news update that you can have anytime you want. Our blog, at your time. No fluff, no wasting of time. Just the story you wanted to know.

You can always log on to our website to read these shots or get them delivered to your mailbox by signing up here.

In conclusion, it’s a pleasure to see how we all came together to build such an amazing community. We look forward to giving more and to continue receiving your love and support. If you haven’t tried Spotmi yet, add more value to it with your presence. Download Spotmi here

Thank You for all the love. More incoming!🤩

Until next time.

Cheers amigos,
Aakash Dave and Team 😎


A place to get announcements, updates and best practices for Spotmi lovers.

Aakash Dave

Written by

CEO @ Spotmi, A social network that understands your facial expressions and feelings. Love to challenge conventional tech monopoly and build something amazing.



A place to get announcements, updates and best practices for Spotmi lovers.

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