Intervention of social network to reality.

Aakash Dave
Oct 17, 2018 · 6 min read

Hola, This is Aakash. I am here to present you the level up for social networking. A totally new social network that’s built on what I call Real Interface. First, let me take you where this all began.

In 1997, when SixDegrees the first social network paved its way to our lives providing us with capabilities of posting picture and making friends on the World Wide Web. This was the first time when the friends of friends connected. This was the first time when you could make friends online and share your photos with the world.

Then came Myspace, a place where on top of what SixDegrees offered, people could also create blogs, share videos, form groups, talk to each other etc. Myspace got more of a boost in that era since the World Wide Web or the Internet as we call it, was accessible by most by then. That was the time of web 1.0.

Then, In 2004 Orkut launched. On top of what was available with MySpace, people got a new form of expression: Scraps and Testimonials. The ability to write a testimonial for someone and then a casual message on scrap, caught eyes of that generation and soon Orkut flew. This was the dawn of web 2.0.

Around the same year, Facebook was launched with a couple more tools for different forms of expression. The ability to like and comment on a picture, to know if someone was in a relationship or not exclusively caught all eyes. Every detail of a person was taken and put onto a page. Then came Instagram and Snapchat and Hello having borderline identical functionality.

Due to all these, the forms of expression people are left with is quite contained. And ,even if they want to, where is the option for something new? The series has been on and on since then. So the question is :

Even after 21 years of this tech being invented. Where are we and why are we using the redundant technology?

With the advancement in technology, we could have anything we wanted, things should have been really awesome and secure. I mean we have great tools such as AI, but what are they being used for? Tracking users, selling their data, breaching the privacy of users.

And most of all the basic concept of connecting friends and sharing their moments have just gone. Today social networks are just places for creating jealousy by showcasing false lifestyles. It has just become a money making machines for paid promotions. These things instead of bringing people closer have invented a new term called social depression.

This is what we at Spotmi are trying to challenge. We want a technology so efficient that it should understand you as a user. Hence to curb this, we set on creating a social network that actually understands you as a human. It’s made to digitally personify you and work as you command.

Let me present you,


Spotmi is a photo sharing social network that understands human facial expression, feelings and enables you to react to your people in real time. And this is by harnessing power of Internet of things, Emotional AI and Cognitive Neurosciences.

Every human is different and hence deserves the an identity of expression. The way you feels about something or the way others feel about you are 2 completely different things. This is what sets your emotional identity apart. The way you react to things, the way you express to things is completely unique. We don’t have a single generic button that you have to press to express your appreciation. This is not a voting ballot.

This platform is made to understand you personally and just like humans learns from each other, it learns from you. Like the more you meet someone, the better you understand them. Similarly, the more you use it, the better it gets.

The best thing about this is you will get to know who reacted and how many people reacted but not what they reacted to your image. So your privacy is always maintained. On top of that no one else besides you will be able to successfully react through your phone. Because each time you react, you go through a facial verification. We took care in making this platform as human as possible.

We are breathing rare air, where you are effortlessly communicating with people. A place where your emotions are not plastic and everything is explicitly handcrafted for you.

Spotmi eliminates the need to be playing with numbers. It does plenty of work for you right out of the box. You now, wouldn’t need to reach out to the stretches of your phone and going on typing something. Now it’s just you looking at a photo and being yourself, and don’t have to worry if people knew what you reacted; it’s all is going to be anonymous. All you have to do is open the app, and start seeing what your friends are doing these days.

You see we have been surrounded by a lot of plasticity. As I mentioned, it’s been 2 decades and we still have the need for mechanical interaction to convey what we feel. With Spotmi, there are no distractive numbers around photos. This is not math textbook rather real life, hence there is some authenticity expected.

Another set of things we are concerned about is, the people you meet, people who are connected to you. Your recommendations. How many times have you been recommended people totally out of your friends scope or without any form factor of relevance? This is all the result of friend indexing that started back with SixDegrees. Why would you be interested in people who you have never met? And down the line, we got introduced to the terms followers and connections. We believe in friends, real people and not your followers.

Hence we came up with what we call True Buddies. We found a way to make you meet people you might really know, you might meet in person and you actually feel like connecting with. You can use this app to be introduced to people who love what you love to do, who may have similar interests or who emotionally aligns with you.*

In conclusion, Spotmi is a true social network, a digital reality. The fact that for years one has been given a manual to understand interaction with another human is itself saddening. When you meet people in real life, you are not given a demonstration of interactivity; you just start understanding them. We just took that speck of human nature and carved into something that bring people closer.

Spotmi will make people do things that isn’t possible at the moment. This just works for you, right out of the box. We have built Spotmi with our heart poured into it. Trust us, we won’t let you down. We have a lot of new features built on top of these and will eventually roll out with time and advancement of our platform.

We are really excited to see what wonder it works for people and how it changes their lives!

I have a lot to say, but can’t convey that in words. Oh! Well, that’s what Spotmi is for. I invite you to give Spotmi a shot.

Get your copy of app here and let’s get rolling. Cheers! 🥂

ADX (The Creator)

*True Buddies pilots in coming months. At the moment you’ll search all your friends right through the search functionality.


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Aakash Dave

Written by

CEO @ Spotmi, A social network that understands your facial expressions and feelings. Love to challenge conventional tech monopoly and build something amazing.



A place to get announcements, updates and best practices for Spotmi lovers.

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