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Spotmi changes the search game

Aakash Dave
Jan 7 · 3 min read

Peek Search. What, why and how?
The captain’s going to take care of all those queries for you.

So why is it, that Spotmi came up with such an unconventional design to the infamous search functionality. The answer is simple. To simplify and yet keep things interesting, because it matters. And honestly, it was no fun to design the same exact thing that we have been seeing for years. Do you remember the time you wanted to introduce someone to a friend of yours? It’s not all interesting in the beginning, but as you learn more about a person, if he’s adventurous, maybe share the same interest or have aligned views on some topic, you start to develop an interest. You just don’t want to waste your time knowing information that’s totally irrelevant to you or doesn’t add up to your inner anxious. Well, That’s what we are aiming at.

When you search for someone on any social network today. You are just displayed with a profile photo, a name or username. But, don’t we call it a social network and not a query search machine, where robots search for people and identify them based on their username or a profile photo. For some people, this must be a completely fine tool. But, that’s because we have been imposed with the same norm again and again. We are served a restrictive template for years now.

Spotmi is all about real life experiences. May it be reacting through faces, learning from your reactions or making meaningful connections. We want you to identify everyone based on their personality. Your actions define you. The moments you share, does a lot of the talking than just a funny username. This is what are we trying to achieve.

Peek search becomes your gateway to people’s life. Not exposing everything, but just enough to make things interesting. Because that’s how you get people to see you and connect with them.

An illustration of how peek search works in the app.

The image carousel displays all your moments in a random order, so everything is quite organic to the end user. There might be photos of your dog, your friend’s wedding, your hike or just a hangout. All the flavors in an order to show your inner candid. None of those images are clickable, they’ll have to check out your profile if they really find your content intriguing. And Congratulations, you just landed a potential friend *wink wink*.

In conclusion, this is what we have now for the starters. Peek-Search holds a lot more to it. The whole idea that Spotmi stands for is to get reality to your digital social network. And with these small steps, we make sure we can come as real as possible.

If you haven’t downloaded Spotmi, get this expressive social network here. And to keep getting more updates subscribe to our blogs by clicking ‘Get newsletters’ on our webpage.

Well, I’ll see you soon. Until then, stay tuned. 🤩

Cheers, 🥂


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Aakash Dave

Written by

CEO @ Spotmi, A social network that understands your facial expressions and feelings. Love to challenge conventional tech monopoly and build something amazing.



A place to get announcements, updates and best practices for Spotmi lovers.

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