We got you, Spotmi Shots!

New social network’s short updates!

Aakash Dave
Dec 24, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello people, How’s it going?

This is Spotmi Shots, a new, quick way to connect with you guys.
Shots offer timely news about what’s happening and what comes next at Spotmi, ranging from all the announcements, mentions and creative insights about new technology.

We believe longs blogs hold you too much for such short information. We came up this to save you on time and help you get all the updates quickly. This will make it easier for you to read on the go, share with your friends or even start a conversation with the one sitting on your side.

This is just a small announcement Shot. You can expect shots to be small just like this article or a two to four-minute read. We’ll keep you updated with all the jingle that goes on at Spotmi. Meanwhile, you can read our other stories here.

To get in touch with us, visit Spotmi contact or subscribe here to get all the news right in your inbox(No spams included).

We have plenty of new feature beings integrated, so stay tuned.

For those reading this for the first time, welcome.
Spotmi is a Social network that understands human facial expressions and feelings.

Download it here. We’ll be pumped to have you.

Spotmi Squad


A place to get announcements, updates and best practices for Spotmi lovers.

Aakash Dave

Written by

CEO @ Spotmi, A social network that understands your facial expressions and feelings. Love to challenge conventional tech monopoly and build something amazing.



A place to get announcements, updates and best practices for Spotmi lovers.

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