Spots Boston tag of the week: “Eat + Drink Special”

As we begin to roll out our new blog I would like to introduce a new weekly segment for “10k to 10m” which is our tag of the week. If you are a user of our product you know that our tags are the organizational backbone of experiential search. Tags allows users to narrow down exactly what they are looking for and to find more information. We roll out new searchable tags every week and will focus our a blogs attention on one we are excited about. We will explain our thought in both the creation of the tag and some of the local businesses that feature said tag.

The idea:

This one is pretty simple. We love eating and drinking. Why not do both of those at the same time for less money? We think this is something everyone can get behind.

The criteria:

Again simple. The restaurant must offer a discounted pairing of food and drinks during a specific time frame. We also wanted variety in both price, cuisine and location. You will see a collection of wing specials from dive bars as well as higher end specials from locations such as Tavern Road in Fort Point and Lolita in the Back Bay.

Some of the Spots:

Tico’s Taco Tuesday

Photo Credit: Boston Magazine

What’s the deal?: SIX tacos filled with beef or pork and FIVE Coronita’s for $30!

When is it?: Noon until close every Tuesday.

Why should I go?: This one is a no brainer. Tico is in a prime location and great date spot as well. The combo of delicious food and ice cold beer we thought was perfect for our users. This is a higher end food special with a fun afterwork feel to it.

Scholar’s Billiards Special

Photo Credit:

What’s the deal?: $20 for 1 hour of billiards, 2 burgers, and 2 drinks.

When is it?: 12–4PM Every weekday.

Why should I go?: When you think of Scholar’s you don’t tend to think of pool but that is exactly what this special brings to the table. Great for a break from work if you work in financial or if you simply want to enjoy some great food/drinks. An incredibly unique experience.

Sidebar’s Stella and Pizza combo

What’s the deal?: $20’s for a pitcher of stella and a pizza.

When is it?: Every Tuesday 12PM to close

Why should I go?: Sidebar is a great after work spot in downtown crossing and this is a perfect social special. Tuesday isn’t the most popular day to go out but if you are looking to bond with co-workers or simply take the edge off after a bad start to your week this special should do the trick. Sidebar also features a myriad of other “Eat and Drink” specials to check out in the Spots app.

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