CLOCKBOUND EP — GaymerX East Recap

About a week and change has passed since myself and Mac attended the inaugural GaymerX East in New York City. It came at a tumultuous time considering Donald Trump had unfortunately won the election. As a candidate with a rhetoric centered around banning Muslims and building a wall to prevent illegal immigration, not to mention someone who picked an anti-LGBTQ Governor with a history of reprehensible policies as his running mate, I wasn’t sure what the event would be like.

I’m not going to talk too much on my views of the atmosphere at the show, but I will say that while people were concerned for the impact on their lives, the event still had an air of excitement and optimism about it. Of course, that’s easy for me to say as a cishet white male.

Anyways, the game. We showed the first build of CLOCKBOUND EP proper. It was pre-alpha, and definitely early. Early enough that it looked like ‘just another RPGMaker game’ with none of the planned original art, and core gameplay elements toned down. That is to say, I didn’t want characters and UI elements to look like colored boxes and so on. As such we made a more presentable albeit shorter and more simplistic demo. We learned a lot from this, and perhaps will do a post detailing the effect this had on our showing at a later point.

Not everything was ‘out of box’ however. Mac’s finished songs for the soundtrack were used, and people really liked them. He even whipped up something sonically appropriate for a special surprise ‘cameo’ we had in the game for the demo.

Who was this guest? Well, he’s a great guy, and a good friend of mine. He’s an outsider, running against the corrupt establishment Old Ones.

Of course I’m talking about Eldritch Donald Trump. Yes, the very same being that defeated Horror Cthulhu in the Cosmic Election held recently.


So yeah, this was a thing I made, partly as a way to cope and express my disdain for election results. It worked out great, because it was, in some ways, the ultimate way to express how bizarre the game is going to get. Players encounter this horror at the very end after trying to find clues to a girl’s murder in the local high school.

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with how people reacted to the demo and the general atmosphere of GaymerX East. I hope we can bring a future game or demo back!

In the meantime, CLOCKBOUND EP Over n’ Over’s development marches onward as we rapidly approach our alpha milestone.

Until next time!