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How a Loving Daughter and Two Kind Strangers Brought Cheer in a Dying Woman’s Final Moments

They brought a fawn to visit the deer-loving woman’s bedside

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Dying in the company of a caring family takes away the pain of final separation from loved ones.

Death becomes a peaceful exit when a daughter makes her mother immensely happy in her life’s final moments.

Please read this fantastic story of how a woman brought a fawn to visit her deer-loving mother’s deathbed and made her final moments joyful.

Phyllis McDonald, a retired nurse, lived in Melbourne, Australia.

She suffered from a debilitating condition called polycystic kidney disease(PKD). She waged a long and brave battle with the disease and finally decided to leave hospice care and spend her last days in the company of her loving family.

Her primary caregiver was her daughter, Lisa McDonald, an insurance worker.

Lisa was an exemplary caregiver. She did all she could to make her mother happy in her last days.

Phyllis had endured multiple surgeries, and Lisa left no stone unturned to make her mother feel at home.

How Lisa brought a fawn to visit her deer-loving mother

Lisa explored many ways to get solace to her dying mother. One day, a thought suddenly struck her that her mother loved the Disney film “Bambi’. After watching this film, Phyllis developed a strong affection for deer.

Lisa knew her mother’s passing was not far off. She decided to arrange for a deer to visit her mother as a pleasant surprise.

Lisa contacted Simone and Chris from Barn Buddies mobile farm to enquire whether they had a deer.

Simone and Chris had a fawn named Bambi, and they agreed to bring her to visit Phyllis on February 12.

Phyliss’ condition worsened a day before Bambi’s scheduled visit.

Lisa contacted Simone and Chris to let them know the situation. Chris called back and said they were on the way and would like to keep Bambi’s appointment with Phyllis.

They say the Universe conspires to help us once we take action. The couple arrived with the deer.

Chris rushed to Phyliss’ bedside with Bambi. Phyliss’ face lit up when she saw the fawn standing near her bed. Lisa, who witnessed her mother’s burst of joy on seeing the fawn, said,

“When Chris walked in with the deer, Mom couldn’t believe her eyes. She was in shock but so, so happy.”

Lisa shared the moving bedside video on Facebook, and 20,000 people responded with their positive comments.

Phyliss passed away peacefully on February 15, in the presence of her family.

Final thoughts

A daughter’s kindness attracted a matching response from two kind strangers, who declined to accept money for transporting their deer to console a dying woman.

Simone and Chris deserve our admiration for answering the call from a loving and dutiful Lisa to create a joyful moment in the final moments of Phyliss, who breathed her last in a happy, contented, and peaceful manner.

May the Universe shower its blessings on the trio for bringing cheer in a dying woman’s final moments.

Thanks for reading this story.

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