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How a Vegan Lifestyle Lends Itself to Kindness to All

Veganuary 2022 is coming up, are you ready to embrace veganism?

Image by Comfreak on Pixabay

Not all vegans are kind and kind souls aren’t all vegan.

“Primum non nocere” is the Hippocratic Oath sworn by many doctors around the world. It translates as “first, do no harm.” Isn’t it awfully arrogant to restrict this oath to the human…




We spread the ripple of kindness. This is the place for stories on kindness. Let kindness be your superpower.

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Ali Hall

Ali Hall

🏆 Top Writer. Kindness = my superpower. ✍Psychology, friendship, social justice, feminism & personal growth. Lover of trail running & dogs.💦 Spread the Ripple

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