$500 Shop Launch Challenge UPDATE 🤩 The Final Countdown to Black Friday

It’s the final week of our first “Shop Launch Challenge”, wherein if you launch a free Spreadshop by Black Friday (Friday November 23, 2018) and follow our simple tips, you could be eligible to win $500 in cash and prizes! Full details and signup at shoplaunchchallenge.com 🔊 Listen to today’s episode for some launcher shout outs, tips and more! There’s still plenty of time left! Get Launching!!!

🚀 By joining the Shop Launch Challenge, here’s what you’ll get:

😎 Five Days of our expert tips to help you with your Spreadshop launch

🚀 Access to our exclusive “Launchers” Facebook community

💫 “First to know” information about upcoming launch challenges

💸 Entry in a contest to win great prizes, including a grand prize of $500!*

Ready for Take-Off? Want to Find Out More?

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Good Luck and happy selling!