⚡🧠 Brainstorming Should Be Fun and Easy 🤔 Here’s How.

So, You’re Having Trouble Coming Up with Ideas for Your Online Merch Shop?

🔊 Listen to the Insiders:

In this episode of the Spreadshop MerchCast podcast, the insiders demonstrate brainstorming skills by pulling ideas out of a hat — or in this case the next best thing: a Bossk Halloween mask. That’s right, a rubber replica of that creepy, lizard-like, bounty hunter from space.

The podcast pals turn to their trusted friend Brooke to select topics at random that they then use to spitball ideas for merch designs, shop styles, and promotional strategies. Just as Bossk hunts for elusive Wookies across the galaxy far, far away, the team hunts for great ideas to build a successful brand and sell merchandise online.

🔊 Tune-in 🔊 in to receive your bounty: a delightful episode of witty banter, rambling thoughts, and useful insights to better your online merchandising techniques and brainstorming strategies.

👇👇👇 Want More Success Tips 👇👇👇

✅ Looking for an Easy Brainstorming Check-List? Here’s How to Secure Success for Your Merch Shop:

FIRST, Take Time to Understand Your Audience:

It’s important to build a brand around a passion you are interested in, BUT it is equally as important to foster a brand that has an audience as passionate as you.

Remember: Start small. Start local. Start with what you know.

Find the forums, online chats, social media groups, and offline hangouts where like-minded people share ideas and geek-out about the passion you are pursuing.

It is here that you can start to spread the word about your merch shop and promote your merchandise to an audience who is not only willing, but eager to listen.

Insider tip #1: Building a strong following or customer base is essential to achieving success.
Find your audience and create based on their wants and needs. Source: Gify

NEXT, Create Marketable Designs to Put in Your Shop:

Now that you have a passionate idea for your merch shop, it’s time to fill your store with valuable merch designs and products.

Before putting ink to paper or mouse to screen creating your next great masterpiece, you’ll need an idea.

There are countless ways to start your brainstorm: mind-maps, word association games, doodling, and online research. Whatever your technique, we see that the most successful shops:

  1. Don’t overthink it, and
  2. Look at it from their consumers’ point of view

Simply put, go with ideas that make the most sense.

Inside jokes linked to you passion or funny parodies of popular ideas related to your audiences are often a good place to start. Usually, the simpler the idea the better.

Insider tip #2: Make designs you think will resonate with your audience, and simplify them so it is easier to create and more relatable at a glance.

THEN, Style Your Storefront to Match Your Brand:

When choosing an online merchandising platform, it is important to choose one that gives you control over your brand.

Spreadshop in particular gives shop owners a lot of power over the look and feel of their own online custom merchandise store. With features like a Start Page, “About Us” section, and superior product offerings, Spreadshop allows you to build and style your own shop to fit your brand.

Your customers expect a 360-degree view of your brand. Your merch designs, social content, and shop should all incorporate the same brand elements and essence to make your shop’s experience stand out from the rest.

Insider tip #3: Your shop should reflect the essence of your brand. Make sure colors, logos, and styles match your brand to make your customers feel great about visiting your storefront. Familiarity and consistency are key.
Be sure people know your shop is there. Wave like Seth if you have to. Source: Gify

LASTLY, Share your Spreadshop with the World!

Once you have a great looking shop with great designs and products, promote it. Tell the world about it. Be proud, and be loud.

Leverage promotions, seasonality, and hot topics to drive traffic to your shop and make the audience you’ve chosen come see “what you have cooking”.

You’ve spent the time making the perfect shop based on your passion, why not share it with everyone?

The Penultimate Insider Tip: If you’ve done all the steps correctly: chosen an audience who is ready to listen, made designs that are ready to sell, and styled your shop so it is ready to impress, you will certainly see success over time. Your hustle will pay off in the end.

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