⚡BREAKING Christmas Elves Looking to Quit Their Day Job This Christmas Season

🎶Here comes Santa Claus! Here comes Santa Claus!…🎶 Oh fooey! Here come’s Zoey the disgruntled snowy sweatshop Christmas Elf who just wants to break out of her crumby career, quit that day job, and focus more on her side hustle!

She has a passion, and it is not making toys. It is not wrapping presents. It is not decking the halls. Fa-la-la-la-NOPE! Zoey’s passion is home-brewing. That red nose ain’t just from the cold ya know. Once she discovered her crafty calling, her next logical step was to support her hoppy habit by selling merch online to friends and followers.

Watch Zoey The Elf share her story of why she started selling merchandise online with Spreadshop.

Opening a Spreadshop to sell custom merch online in her very own was easy. It was FREE. There were no risks. No fees ever. No inventory cost. No time wasted managing shipping or her own customer service. Spreadshop handles all of that for her. That way Zoey can focus on what really drives her sleigh: home-brewing and sharing her passion with elves and humans alike.

Hold your horses (or reindeer I guess)! Now that she has launched a Spreadshop…

— — — WHAT’S NEXT FOR ZOEY? — — —

Promoting your shop and your awseome designs and merch is the first key to success. Source: Gify


“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear” Zoey’s lore is not as well known as Santa’s, so she cannot rely on the “if you build it they will come” mentality, and neither should you. Promoting your Spreadshop is the first key to having success with your online custom merchandise store. More traffic to your Spreadshop will lead to more sales for you, which means more cash in your pocket. 🎄Here are some fun tips our most successful shops are practicing to promote their Spreadshop for the Christmas Season.

Keep up the good work. Upload more designs for long-term success. Source: Gify


Keep chipping away at it: Success will likely not come overnight for most shop owners. Even Zoey with all her passion and motivation to quit that “snowy sweatshop” might not see booming results overnight. Don’t fret. This is normal. Patience and perseverance is the key. Beyond promoting and driving traffic to your shop, you can continue to upload designs and publish merch. Keeping your shop relevant and fresh for your customers will have them coming back over and over to check out what you have up your sleeves. Another awesome tip for you and Zoey alike, is once you have a large catalog of designs, a helpful way to organize your shop and keep it shopper friendly is with “Topics”. Check out how to use topics and learn more helpful tips and tricks at our blog.

It may seem obvious: Stay in the loop for the latest Spreadshop news. Source: Gify


Stay Informed: One last thing Zoey should do to stay atop her Spreadshop success is to follow Spreadshop on social media, discover more resources, and check in on the blog to stay atop all upcoming announcements, promotions, and updates. If Zoey is doing it, I bet you should too.

To all those shop owner elves and humans out there, happy selling this Christmas seasons. Feel free to see what Zoey has been up to and browse her Spreadshop: Red Nosed Brewing.

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