🧡 Fast fundraising for teachers

Teachers! Are you sick of budget cuts? Selling custom t-shirts through a Spreadshop is a sweet (and free!) way to do some fundraising for your classroom or school activities.

From Kreative in Kinder: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/kreativeinkinder/red+glitter+premium+i+teach+whats+your+super+power-A108740196

Raise money with custom merchandise instead!

As a parent of three boys who are now off in college, I’ve personally seen the struggle over the years that most schools and teachers face with funds being cut for art and music programs and more. Some teachers can’t even afford pens and paper for their classes. That’s insane. I’ve also seen the pretty terrible fundraiser packs that get sent home bi-weekly trying to sell me spatulas, cheap coffee mugs or “dip” packets. Most of these fundraisers only give back 5–10% to the organization, and parents are stuck with useless trinkets and cheesecake mixes that are bound for the trash bin.

There’s a better way to raise funds for your school or classroom.

Sell custom t-shirts and merchandise! For starters, opening a Spreadshop is completely (and always) free to use. You simply upload your designs, choose what products you want to sell them on, set your prices and you’re open for business. Again, as a parent, I’d much rather buy a $20 t-shirt that supports the kids and knowing about 50% would go back to the school, than a $30 spatula and the school gets three bucks.

Your fundraiser is now global!

Unlike traditional fundraisers for schools, with a Spreadshop live on the internet, your custom t-shirts and merchandise have the potential to reach far beyond your school district. Whether it’s cool shirts for teachers to wear, or “band pride” type shirts, you now have the possibility for your fundraiser to actually go viral or be shared across the net. That’s pretty awesome!

Here are a few teachers and organizations doing it right!


Kreative in Kinder has been a long time shop partner and have tons of great pro-teacher and fun school related merchandise.


Teacher T-Shirts has also been long term Spreadshop partner. They do a great job of focusing on big school topics like “Back to School”, “Last Day of School”, and designs that range from pre-school through 6th grade level.

Fundraising for therapy classes


Making speech or reading therapy classes fun can be easy with custom merchandise. Kids love sharks! :)

Start fundraising TODAY.

With a Spreadshop you can literally have your fundraiser up and running in a matter of minutes. We’ve made it that easy on purpose. While Youtube stars and influencers make tons of money with their custom merch, we also believe teachers, schools and organizations can do the same!

Click here to get started with your free Spreadshop and reserve your shop name today!

If you launch a shop for your school fundraising efforts, let us know! We‘d love to help spread the word for you! Good luck!

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