How To Fail, The Right Way. Part One

If You Are Not Failing, You’re Doing It Wrong

Once you realize it is okay to fail, then you will be able to succeed.

Okay, so you haven’t had as much luck as anticipated lately. Maybe you missed a deadline at school or made a big mistake at work that feels awful at the moment. Maybe, like many of you out there, you’ve launched a business and the results are slower than expected or maybe even non-existent.

You feel like you’ve failed.

Well, grab that spoonful of sugar because here comes the bitter truth. If you’ve experienced any of this: you are a grade-A, certified FAILURE!

Don’t worry. You’re in luck.

We are here to provide that shoulder to lean on. We are here to lift you up and re-energize you to new fantastic heights… Okay, let’s not get too sappy… we’re basically here to tell you failure is okay. Heck, failure is good.

You are not successful if you have not failed, multiple times.

That’s right, failure is something you want to have happen a lot. Welp, maybe not everyday, but definitely frequently.

Like a wrestler learning how to take a bump safely on that stone cold mat or a gymnast learning how to fall off of a balance beam gracefully, you too as a merchandiser and entrepreneur must get familiar with falling— or failing — often.

Learning to fail, and fail often, can be tough. Source: Gify

🌟 Why It’s So Important to Fail:

1. If you’re failing that means you have goals.

Yes, failing means you did not achieve these goals, but having goals is an important factor of success.

Being able to measure your successes and failures is important for improving and progressing as an entrepreneur and merchandiser. But first, to see if your results measure up, you need to set goals.

Setting long-term and short-term goals for yourself and your business is an important aspect to building a successful brand.

But not all goals have to be home runs. When setting your goals, it is healthy to create a balance of challenging small goals and monumental milestones.

No Goldilocks’ Dilemma here. No goal is too big or too small. Remember to celebrate the small wins as well as the larger accomplishments. Setting measurable goals is an important driver of success.

😭 2. If failure feels bad, it’s because you care 😃 That’s a great thing.

Focusing on your passions, things you actually care about, to drive your business or brand can set you up for not only crushing failure but also unimaginable success.

It is important to care about what you are doing. If you don’t care, why would you spend so much time doing something? If the hustle hurts, then you’re doing it right. You’re caring.

When you care, it is harder to give up and pack it in. It is only once you find something you truly care about that you can stick it out through the ups and downs to achieve the success you want.

Insider Take-away: Through it all, remember it is important to celebrate the little wins. Challenge yourself to achieve more. Learn from the failures and speed bumps.

Take It from the Experts

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