How To Fail, The Right Way. Part Two

So you’ve read Part One of this series, if not… you’ve failed. Nope, just kidding, that’s not how that works.

Either head back and read Part One, or just move on and read this because: Hey, you’re already here!

To pick up where we left off, failing is important to success. Setting goals and caring about those goals is the key to attaining success with anything you do. Being able to measure failure and react to it is valuable.

In the end, if you really think about it, everyone fails. Whether it was striking out five times in that one little league game as a kid, not getting that job you wanted last month because your socks didn’t match, or simply that time you burnt your toast because of those dang toaster presets… at some point or another in life, everyone has experienced failure.

Everyone is a failure; some people just fail better.

So, here is how to fail, correctly.

🤩 🤩 The Best Way to Fail 🤩 🤩

⭐ STEP 1: Don’t Wait! Try Something. Try Anything.

Failure Allows Us to Learn from Our Mistakes

Brace yourself, here’s that cliche lesson: “embrace your failures”… cue the eye roll 🙄… cliche or not, I had to share it because because it’s true.

🚀 It’s not rocket science. If you try something and it fails, you’ve undoubtably learned something whether you realize it or not.

Realization is the key to failing better. You must realize that you should embrace all failures as learning experiences.

Okay class, here’s an example:

Let’s say you have opened a custom merch shop and are trying to sell merchandise — shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs — online.

Let’s also say one of your designs is a cartoon drawing of a basketball 🏀because you are selling merch to donate your commission to a local youth center.

Learning from mistakes can be a hard, valuable lesson. Source: Gify

But you’ve made a mistake!

The youth center you are raising money for does not have a basketball court.

🤭 Oops!

No one wants to buy this basketball shirt, because it simply doesn’t make sense. People are commenting on your socials that they like the fundraising idea, but they want something more relevant to the youth center for a design. This is a failure.

But don’t fret, instead realize that you’ve learned something: People are interested in your idea and want relevant designs to buy to support the youth center. This is great news.

⭐ ⭐ STEP 2: Try Something Smarter

Learning from Failure Allows Us to Adapt and Change

Realizing that you have learned is just the first step. You should take those learnings and make actionable plans to adjust your strategies.

Let’s take our previous example.

Okay, so now you know: people are interested in your merchandising idea, but they want designs that are more relevant to the youth center for which you are raising money.

So make an action plan.

Do some more research into the youth center. Do they have a logo or slogan you can incorporate into the design? Are there any inside jokes or sayings that would resonate with your audience and make the merch more relevant?

Once you identify a plan, create.

Use your learnings and adapt your designs to be more marketable and better received by those who are interested in buying. With simple adjustments based on what you have learned, you can adapt this failure into a success.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ STEP 3: Repeat Previous Steps…

Knowing That It Is Okay to Fail Allows You to Grow

The biggest challenge with failure is not that you missed the mark or that you underperformed, it’s being afraid to do it again.

The fear of failing is real.

Failure holds a stigma that makes doing it feel wrong. But, once you can admit to yourself that everyone fails and that there are benefits to failing, you can become even stronger as a person and entrepreneur.

If failure hurts, we are naturally inclined to fear it. We naturally want to eliminate risks and ensure the easy successes by avoiding the most challenging ideas and therefore never taking the most rewarding paths. But, that is no way to live life.

Insider Take-away: 📈 It is a simple Finance 101 play: more risk equals more reward. Without taking risks, we limit our potential.
If we fear failure… if we fear risk… we fear the risk of failure. Phooey! Challenge that notion. Uh-oh, I feel another cliche coming on… Change your attitude and remember, what we fear most can often make us stronger.

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