Learn How To Make Your Own Success One Sale at a Time

Make It Your Goal This Week to Sell One T-shirt

So you’ve taken the not so daunting leap. You’ve opened a merchandise store to sell custom merch to fans and followers online.

🍾🍾 Hooray! 🍾🍾Time to celebrate, but before you bring out the champagne, crank those tunes, and start partying… think about your next steps to success.

You’ve taken the first and important step of opening a merch store, but so far you have ZERO sales.

This journey started with high hopes and big dreams for your passion project, but that first sale hasn’t come through yet.

Don’t fret. This is normal.

If you want success now, or at least in the near future, we recommend you shift your focus.

Focus on your first sale and more are bound to follow. Small goals; big wins!

Start small. Start simple. Start with one shirt.

Give yourself the short term goal of selling one shirt this week. Take all of your hustle and redirect it to this simple task.

Leverage your social media reach. Leverage your friend network on and offline. Leverage promotions and sales.

Yea you heard that right. There are shop promotions and sales so you can pass on the savings to your customers. Just watch the Brooke Show to find out more.

Brooke Show: Watch and learn why it is so important to share shop promotions with your customers.

Use all and any tools you have to narrow your focus from building the merchandising empire of your dreams to selling one t-shirt to one person.

This is essentially the perfect ice breaker for your shop’s success. The feeling of accomplishment you’ll get from your first sale will certainly motivate you to make your second, third and twentieth sale.

You’ll be able to learn from what you tried and what did and didn’t work to set you up for more and more sales…. but woah! Don’t get ahead of yourself… Remember focus on that first sale.

Take one design, one t-shirt and find one customer who will buy.

Start small. Start simple. Start with one shirt. We dare you!

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