🤯 QUIZ: Discover your Design Trend 🤩

Discover and create your design style and sell custom merch online with Spreadshop

So, you’ve been bitten by the merchandising bug, eh? You have an idea that you could make some money online selling custom merchandise. You’ve done your research. The online merchandise industry is growing, and with the holidays approaching you don’t want to miss out on an incredible opportunity to earn some walking-around money by selling merch online… BUT where do you start when it comes to creating designs to upload to your shop to sell custom merch?

One place to start would be to identify your design style. Are you retro, old school, or vintage? Are you geometric and rigid in your style? Are you a gamer who loves pixelated designs? … Or are you something so unique it has yet to be defined?

There is one quick way to find out. Spreadshop has created a quiz that you can take to help you identify your style so you can better design for your online merch shop and prepare for success this holiday season.

Watch the Spreadshop insiders take the Design Trend Quiz themselves. It’s interesting. It’s hilarious. It’s down right weird. Hit play to find out how similar you are to the Spreadshop crew’s style.

Watch as Spreadshop insiders quiz themselves to identify which design styles will work best for them.

Once you discover your design trend, or even once you have a loose idea of what you wish to create, check out some of the Spreadshop’s resources available to all Spreadshop shop owners. If you don’t have a Spreadshop yet, head on over to spreadshop.com to sign up and launch your shop for FREE to start selling custom merchandise online today in your own storefront.

🤪 Take the quiz yourself on Facebook and discover which design trend fits your Spreadshop style:

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If you need help making your design ideas into a reality, check out some of Spreadshop’s Premium Design resources available to all Spreadshop shop owners.

Happy selling!