🦃 Time to Give Thanks with Spreadshop!

It’s that time of year in America where we gather around to eat too much, attempt to avoid awkward conversations with relatives, and give thanks for all those things we cherish most of all. Here at Spreadshop, we did not want to be left out, so we came up with a thoughtful list of those things we are thankful for and could not do without.

Here Are the Three Things We Are Most Thankful for:

🤗 We Are Thankful for Our Shop Owners:

At this moment, we have upwards of 770,000 shop owners who are using Spreadshop to sell their very own custom merch online and earn some cash from their passions. This number is growing steadily as musicians, gamers, artists, non-profits, athletes and creatives of all kinds are striving to take advantage of the online custom merchandise industry. To all of our loyal shop owners out there: we are thankful for you. You are the reason we do this. Your entrepreneurial spirit and creative minds keep us motivated to maintain and build upon an awesome FREE, e-commerce platform for you to use… You are what candies our yams if you will. So, thank you!

🧡 We Are Thankful for Our Awesome Coworkers (Friends):

Spreadshop is proud to be a part of Spreadshirt, our mother brand. With a growing number of employees of well over 750 people across three branch offices and five production sites, Spreadshirt is a global family. We are a family of fun-loving, creative souls who love what we do. Spreadshop is the proud offspring of this global group… let’s say we would have one mega-awesome banquet of fun and laughter for Thanksgiving if we were to have everyone together on Turkey Day #squadgoals

🤩 We Are Thankful That We Get to Do What We Do:

So, what is it we do at Spreadshop? Technically, we offer a FREE eCommerce platform that anyone in the world can use to create custom merchandise and sell products to make money in their very own online storefront… but actually… we make dreams come true. Sounds corny, eh? Yeah, maybe that is too “pie-in-the-sky” … mmm pie, I hope it’s pumpkin… Essentially, people (you) have passions. We give you a risk free way to creatively morph your passions into a side hustle, mini-business or cool brand. We handle the printing, shipping and customer service. We are thankful that we get to give creators an easy-to-use FREE option to create custom merchandise and sell products online to friends, family, and followers. We strive to empower you to do more with and earn from your passions. Our day job is to empower you to quit yours — we’re thankful for that.

So, Put Down That Drumstick and Get Started

Subsidize your Holiday shopping by opening your own merch store and making some cash from your designs. Put down that third helping of garlic mashed potatoes. Don’t you dare take another scoop of stuffing! Get up and start earning more from your passions. Black Friday is here and Cyber Monday is just around the corner, so now is the time to act to take advantage of the holiday shopping season!

Already Have a Spreadshop?

You can leverage all the great holiday promotions Spreadshop has to offer and drive traffic to your store. More traffic means more sales which leads to more money for you. To find out about all the upcoming promotions, have a look at your “Overview” page in your partner area once you log into your account from Spreadshop. Share these savings with your customers to increase traffic, boost sales, and ultimately make more money from your Spreadshop.

You can get your shirt business started today at Spreadshop.com . Put in the hustle and reap the rewards!